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    Few to no animal spawns

    I can second this information. Three days ago, we assaulted an island. There were wild bears wandering it, not a lot but there was at least 4. The next day we captured the island. In the time since then I spent roughly 18 hours on the island killing everything in sight and building up a base. Not a single bear has spawned so far. Today, I sailed across the world to an island I know well, and love for its prolific bear spawns. It's tundra, and my favorite biome for breeding bears. There were roughly 20 bears when I arrived, and I slaughtered everything on the island (not just the bears) that was too low to tame, dropped a fob, and sailed home. Four hours after leaving the island, I teleported back to my fob to see what bears I could find. There were zero. I've spent probably 300 hours on this island and there is *always* a ton of bears spawning. In addition, I have seen zero predators spawn on either island in the last 3 days. Both islands have wolves and snakes, and one has lions. I have seen none of any type.