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  1. It's live in M12 Right now. https://imgur.com/a/493Bh2b
  2. Exactly the same. stuck on the old ARK issue that they somehow manage to put into PC and console versions of the game and now ATLAS. Great job guys.
  3. Organic paste isn't so bad..but metal is just nuts. Larger companies have their structures already completed, new starting companies have no hope. by time they have the materials needed there will be nowhere for them to build.
  4. As titles suggests, On sirens call sailing last night (GMT) I was logged out by server (lost connection/timeout). Returned to login to the game to find my ship being destroyed by multiple ships of the damned and no option for me to control my ship, meaning there was no menu to access or prompt to press to control my ship. Quickly exit to main menu to re-log and have been unable to access the server since. All I get now is a perpetual loading screen stuck on PrimalGameData_BP. Location C6 - Siren's call Lost possessions: Brigantine Company size: 7 players Loss size: Huge for our small company. 4 players uninstalled and refuse to return. Early access is one thing but releasing patches resulting in unplayability just shows a complete lack of testing and QA.
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