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  1. Moon Rock

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    Don't count on it, my brig was "removed from the company". In the same way.
  2. Moon Rock

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    Logged on after a few days... all my ships are gone. Tames are floating in the water. Log just says they were removed. Think that's it for me.
  3. Moon Rock

    unable to board my ship with rope ladder

    Same... Can't climb back or attached side ladders to board ship. Ship is anchored. Ladders do work some days, not all days and not today. This only happens to me on G2. I've not had this issue anywhere else. Just spent 15 minutes trying, again, now will die and rez elsewhere. No reason to rez to ship without fur, I'd only freeze to death.
  4. Moon Rock

    Elephant taming

    Make it 300 and you pick up
  5. Moon Rock

    Elephant taming

    Elephant for sale. Due to exposure to red wine during the taming process I can't recall the wild level.... low, lowbi, less than WL6 I think. Currently lvl 18. Female. Name: Biggie. Can be seen on M8 SE island at the far southern tip, standing on top of a building. Go visit her and send me a nice offer. I have crew to pay. Also, For sale WL 10 Horse. Currently up in the tundra until my next run or you meet me there. I may let go of one lowbi bear but I have little desire to sell as I only have 3 bears so far. Moon Rock of M8. Edit: Now a WL 11 Elephant ready also.