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    Mortar Double Shot Bug

    Network: NA-PvP Colonies Grid: C7 Not sure what causes it but we got attacked today and server was being very laggy and I used a mortar. I normally hit twice once to fire once to reload. It didn't appear to do this and appeared to fire two shots I have know idea if both of them are counting as damage or whats causing it. But instead of firing it then reloading it almost felt like it was firing w/o reloading but as i said server was super laggy probably for me I was probably bouncing around 50-255 ping intermittently. I have seen some youtube videos of this happening from QM but I had no idea if this was an exploit or some weird glitch happening. I did try a few different mortars from our tower and they all kept doing the same thing to me. We are in C7 Ill give an accurate CCC if you'd like. Bellow Is a youtube video of the closest this i found in a quick search this is an older video from last season pre wipe but same concept. PS. Sorry if this has been posted about.