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  1. Ahoy, sea wolves! I have little gift for you - it is several new songs. I uploaded it on my Google Disk in folder "New". Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1at3D1fARxZJhrLJgaPNA7MAIrXjQYYLs
  2. Ahoy, my friend! I can not go past your request. This is for you, plus a little bonus. Full sails and dry decks! Fairy Tail Theme 2014 Bonus.ahk Fairy Tail Theme.ahk
  3. Ahoy, seadog! Take it away. Did as I could, do not judge strictly! Wind in you hat, storm in the sails! Another One Bites The Dust.ahk
  4. This is for you, buddies! Wind in you sail! Cantina Band.ahk
  5. Ahoy guys! Here are some more of my AHK. And also The Rains Of Castamere for two players (_1p, _2p). Enjoy! Storm in the sails and wind in the hat! Mad World.ahk Never Gonna Give You Up.ahk Rasputin.ahk The Rains Of Castamere_1p.ahk The Rains Of Castamere_2p.ahk What Is Love.ahk
  6. Does anyone have an interesting idea to perform The Rains Of Castamere (The Game Of Thrones) a duet? It will be necessary to run the script synchronously to two players. I think that should be cool.
  7. Ahoy, brothers-pirates! I decided to share my AHK. Full sails and dry sailing! Braveheart.ahk Careless Whisper.ahk Daft Punk.ahk Godfather.ahk Harry Potter.ahk In The Mood.ahk Katyusha.ahk Lonely Shepherd.ahk Skyrim.ahk Star Wars.ahk Wrecking Ball.ahk
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