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  1. Dear Voodoo, Thank you for your swift reply to my issue that I was having in-game. Keep up the great work!!! Calm seas and swift winds to you.
  2. So happy the small gates were added to the game! Thank you, for that addition! I have noticed three aesthetic issues, however, that I felt should be mentioned. I was mildly frustrated to see that The Small Wood Gate was added to all the stone building items found in Esotery of Building, instead of being added to the rest of the wood items under Secrets of Building. Is this intentional? All windows are snapping into their frames backwards. Mismatching the types of window frames and windows does not change the snap points. Lastly, the stone door also snaps in backwards to the doorframe. Based off of the engravings on the doorframe, it looks like the frame itself is backwards, but thatch and wood doors are currently snapping in properly, so I'm not sure whether it's the stone door or frame that is backwards. Thank you so much for creating this game and keep up the amazing work. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next!
  3. Hello. Today while hunting for treasure in region K11, we discovered our treasure to be inside the mountain. GPS coordinates are 41.24long / -31.13lat. The Soldiers of the Damned were still able to attack us and walked right out of the mountain side to do so, but the site to dig is completely inaccessible for players. Can the dig site please be moved? Server: EU PVE The Whale's Solitude note: I have more screenshots to show if required, but they won't fit here.
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