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  1. You can't just break an aspect of the game that was working before the current patch and then fix it next patch and call it progress and improving and working on the game. Ex. Sotd, bows and arrows
  2. all the modifications and adjustments and new content and they still cant find a use for a tier 1 saddle
  3. survey gets hung up and wont load past page 9. can you do anything right? use your brains boys! last patch created more issues and broke more aspects of the game than you fixed and improved.
  4. regular wipes in pvp is not a bad idea. but on the pve side most people play it so they dont lose all their stuff and progress. they stopped playing pvp for a reason and switched to pve. if pve starts to give the same results as pvp i think people may switch to a new game since they are all out of modes to try to enjoy atlas with
  5. now that you have acknowledged seasons and wiping the servers can we get an idea on how long the "season" is?
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