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  1. Currently you only have very small 1x1 or super large (8x12?) walls. Add more variety (2x2, 3x3,4x4) to that, so large player Structures won't create insane load on the Hardware or denied at all due to reaching the structure limit. Oh, and the same for ceilings ( and perhaps Floors?) too.
  2. Seriously? There have been 3 people in this thread just writing "same here" but you shout out to me for beeing "nonconstructive" as I note that the bug is still persistent for me as a Settlement Owner despite the patchlog stating otherwise. Whatever, there just was another Patch which fixed it for me aswell.
  3. As a Settlement Owner, I can say - Nope, not fixed.
  4. DepressedSailor

    No Large Cannons on Deck

    "Creativity" yeaaaaah riiiiiiight... It's good that this was adressed.
  5. DepressedSailor

    "Dissallow" Foundation spam

    Currently many Isles you bypass are spamed with useless Buildings just for the sake of preventing other players to Build there or lock/block important ressource spawns. You come across many abandoned places where somebody obviously went to settle but then got foundation spamed, so he left the isle or not unlikely probably the game. And while on PvP you can at least defend your self to a degree on PvE you are just ****ed. As of right now, the Game encourages a toxic play style. If you don't Foundation spam like others, sooner or later somebody will come to fk you. Personally I was sailing around atlas for about 10 Days to finally find a proper isle to settle, days after finally making the new place a Home, I got Foundation spamed just as so many others. This is not a Gamefeature that is fun to anyone, not even the Toxic players, cause once they spamed everything they just will get bored about playin in an empty Atlas and finally just leave the game like the players they tried so hard to screw.
  6. As title says, if you harvest fibres in third person mode, theres no Audiofeedback wheter you hit or miss.
  7. Hi, especially in the current Stage where tamed Animals get lost due to various Bugs, but also in regards of normal game play I think you should implement some kind of animal tracking. Beeing it Map icons like you have with ships or Beds, or more simple and less server taxing ways such as a query list you can manually call. Maybe also a recall function that is added to the skilltree that teleports a specific Animal around your perimeter. Particular my last suggestion is NOT intended to teleport your animal with plenty of materials etc. from one place to another but rather to get it out somewhere in case it got stuck. But having any way of finding them is by far the most important. currently you're forced to have all your animals stay in position (which is pretty boring) if you had any means of tracking, you could let them wander around making them way more lively.
  8. DepressedSailor

    (PVE) Any logical reason my Ship was sunk?

    But in 8 Minutes? It was the first sailing trip of the ship without other incidents. I did check all planks before sailing of to the freeport, but it's hard to know. Is there any better way to check a ships/planks hitpoint other than looking at each individual plank and hope that it display the right info?
  9. DepressedSailor

    (PVE) Any logical reason my Ship was sunk?

    3 or 4, at most 6 small animals I'd say, just as usual if you look at a certain area on the sea. No overweight, had 30, at most 40% of the weight used. Do you get a notification btw if you ship starts sinking?
  10. After losing my first Sloop to a very weird behavior in shallow water I tried to be very cautious with my next Ship (Schooner). Before sailing off with my new Schooner I stocked it with plenty of material for repair, including several Planks, Buckets and a Dingy. After a day of preparing for every circumstances that may harm my ship I set sail for the first time and went to a nearby freeport to get some crew. I anchored off the harbor in deep Water. After being in the city for 8 minutes I saw a red Message pop up "your Schooner sunk" - For real?! I got back to my Anchorage within a minute. Checking the Situation: No Player or Corpse No larger Animal Ship was still in deep Water, no possibility to hit ground No Storms, not even Rain, it was sunny all the time No Ship of the Damned Inspecting the Wreck: All Planks and other Ship pieces intact The ship was flipped upside down What possibilities are left that might have caused the ship to sink? When I left the ship i think i still heard the anchor falling, is it possible, that Anchoring in deep Water may have caused any damage (for whatever reason?!) and caused it to flip over?