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    Ahoy, Sailors! We are looking for new, active members (currently on NA servers, but EU members welcome) to help grow our community. We currently have about 50 members, but the company feels smaller than you would think, because we cater quite well to small companies and solo players looking for a bit more structure and community to interact with. We will allow you to have the autonomy you want (while representing the White Elephant values), and provide a bit more structure and group events for you to take part in. Whether you like to build large structures, set up large taming or breeding operations, or slay giant bosses, White Elephant is the place for you! Who we want: We want members who adhere to the following guidelines: 1) 21+, with potential exceptions 2) No racism/sexism/discrimination of any kind 3) Good folks who want a good community to hang out with. Also, we have a discord! Hop on and check out our company, or just say hi and see what we have for trade! We do lots of breeding, harvesting, and exploring, so we have rare materials from across ATLAS for trade! https://discord.gg/vXezejS

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