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  1. Maybe its good this game will probably be shrunk down to where its not playable and people will move on they never fixed ark so what you expect.
  2. 9 ships Parked at my island Vanished It started before they screwed something up I first lost a few sloops and rafts . I was like um ok no log and they were parked on one of my islands I pay for I logged in like every day about . then a few days passed a lost set schooners I was like wtf No log full crew parked again then few more days lost the brigs and I was like beyond mad about it and today lost 3 of 4 Gallies This is a serious bug no wonder Burke black Wont come back to this game. All these ships were parked with green anchors and in there respected docks made for each Please get back to me Devs this is A serious issue BUG or problem I find it to be all 3 . that was lot of work to loose all that
  3. They Don't care If its fun they make it harder
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