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  1. so wait can one of the devs can clarify something for me? Have you gone overboard on the restrictions on PVE claim Flags? Are you telling me that because I am a two-man company that I just stayed up all night trying to claim land and doing everything I needed to to claim land but I can't because I'm a two-man company and that's not enough people. You should be able to claim at least one territory that's ridiculous I have dealt with glitched-out snakes to the point that the game hasn't even been fun anymore and I can't claim land like I was promised that I would be able to do in PVE. I have friends that I was going to have buy The Game and join me but I'm about ready to tell him don't bother. I completely understand this is Early Access and there's a lot of things to be fixed on this game but the balancing issue with the monsters is ridiculous when you can't walk for the dang cobras killing you no matter what level you are a level 1 Cobra can kill you with out a fight it really makes the game no fun cuz it's just a slaughterfest for the monsters and you're constantly doing body runs I had three Alpha cobras on me earlier so I'm sure you can understand where I'm upset and then the fact that I find out because you've gone overboard with the restrictions on PVE I can't claim land a company should be able to claim at least one territory I don't want to deal with PVP because I'm a Casual Gamer I mostly play on the weekends because I'm a single mom and it played when my child is at his dad's I can't play PVP I don't have the time to invest in that that's why I was happy when you put the claiming system back in PVE this is a big letdown