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  1. Until they stop auto-adding AutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions=true when the server is launched, your only option to control spawn regions is to remove non _E variants from your freeport map. If you only place _E in your freeport, the standard spawnPointRegionOverride settings work fine.
  2. Are you using the same ports as before and did you change the redis password everywhere? (including the clearall.bat) Local files for players shouldn't matter since you should have a different ID with the rebuild but maybe delete those as well?
  3. Found a couple things so far.. Have to download the 'optional' content pack to edit any islands that are already there. Seems the "1" of a thing tend to correlate as expected but the 'variations' present alternates. Bark can be found under the 'debris' foliage types. With over 100 entries on each level this is going to take forever.
  4. Well the point is to make all 6 available but limit one to a specific island. Sounds like I need to install the devkit and squirt some wd-40 on the ol' programming wheels. There has to be a way to actually control the _exact_ resources spawned on each. If that means an island mod for each island, then that means an island mod for each island. There's no way that these devs created visual graphics with names that have zero controlled correlation to the resources they spawn. I want literally every 'granite' to produce 'granite' and literally every 'ruby' to produce 'ruby'. The dumbest thing ever to get iron from a copper node. I go back to that because it's every 'pure' metal rock i've seen. Copper. Always copper. Iron doesn't look like copper. I'll be going through both your files and downloading the devkit. I'm missing something. I do appreciate your response and hope to continue this endeavor.
  5. Atlas Springs is currently 5x5 running a mix of pve and pvp maps. Looking for people to help design/balance a pvp setting that focuses on supply-lines and rare resource control. Currently running PVP in each (9) powerstone map and PVE in the rest. Hardware is owned and in-house. Just installed another TB of SSD. 24 cores available with 256gb RAM. Offline raiding is never ok. Pro-wipe. Will come with major updates that necessitate. Current biome map is similar to official with rates scaling from 2x-6x (freeport-polar) and difficulty of ships/treasure scaling from .4-1.0 Need player feedback to create an appropriate scale to support small/solo/new as well as late game/more challenge. discord.gg/8kNSsc7 - Springs Freeport : C3 Future plans: As soon as I/someone figures out how to manipulate resource nodes I will be recreating the map with PVP zones controlling a resource that cannot be found in PVE. Construction mods to expand building/ship design options. Sub mod that creates chest for blueprint at index9 instead of magic-into-brain after kraken kill or via admin command. Might have to create this one.. Depending on resource utilization, may expand size of map.
  6. Did either of you figure out a way to make resource nodes spawn the resource they represent? IE: Get elderberries from elderberries. Get seasalt from seasalt. Get Rubies from rubies. Etc. Is it all random? It's a bit offsetting when you roll up to an obvious copper node and get tin, then go to another island with copper nodes that give cobalt and nothing is worse than looking for your first crystal node and getting salt. -_- I'd like to have each resource type actually tied to something I can control. Would allow for more thought-based map layouts. IE: Setting certain resources only available on pvp maps, etc. I haven't opened the devkit, trying to stick to configs for now. May need to change that.
  7. It would be really great to see some half wall and full wall snaps around the ship, as well as some construction shapes that fit.. Ladders going through the hull, no way to 'match' the ship in the front. Close match in the back sometimes but not really. Mostly just want to be able to build a ship that's not full of gaps, clipping, and weird triangles. (Speaking of the triangles, why is there no angled 1/2 block? Those triangles suck.)
  8. If you're having the black/blank map issue on official, you may want to clear out your local profile and map-cache. I'm not entirely sure it's the same issue I was referencing above as that one was a seamlessIP issue on my unofficial server and didn't require any client-side work to fix. Each grid you log into will create a unique profile tied to that grid (IE: EU-PVP) so if the issue occurs on one grid but not another, your first stop is the profiles.
  9. That's unfortunate. First server I put up had no issue, rebuilt and had a black map - no quest markers, nothing. Only difference I could find was adding the SeamlessIP to the startup .bat on the new one. Removed that and restarted the server, map and quest markers immediately showed. Issue is very likely related to the Seamless Data port in some way. I'd put your attention to that config set.
  10. Never did figure this one out. No matter if you use bAutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions=false in game or AutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions=false in usersettings, it adds AutoGenerateIslandSpawnRegions=true to usersettings at game launch. No window to modify. If you only use freeport islands on home server it works fine, breaks every time you place a non-freeport island
  11. Remove your SeamlessIP from the startup .bat, just fixed that for us.
  12. In case anyone has this issue, remove SeamlessIP from your startup .bat files.
  13. Of all the patch notes locations, I found the one with the dedi info.. https://steamdb.info/patchnotes/3729913/ Colonies is set with: bUseSettlementClaims=true bDontRequireClaimFlagsForBuilding=true
  14. I had to remove non-freeport islands and then the spawnpointregionoverride started working as intended.
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