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  1. well the new armored ship yard is nice . ships might stand a chance in lawless now.
  2. i'm def not happy with the price of a schooner..... sloop wars can go to heck for all i care lol
  3. death of many small companies that cannt afford to build a brig >.> esp the one just joining the game.
  4. yet what we want is a barrel fix...
  5. why in the heck did they keep barrels shooting from cannons it needs to be taken out.....................
  6. get rid of Explosive Barrel fired off of ships way too much damage of a shot gun schooner.... I would say leave it on the bear cannon but i bet they cannt change how the cannons are loaded on different placements
  7. Maybe let anchored ships take 3 hours before they are safe that way you still have to guard you ship for a while. Then let it have a decay timer on it after that way after a day or two you could sink it.
  8. swivels are fine the way they are. People can take a hit or 3 from them any way with decent health and reg armor.
  9. they can have decay on the building but just keep the timers hidden so the frenemy don't know you home or not.
  10. I wish the devs would hide the decay times on lawless.... it just give raiders info that you are not online so it easy for them to raid..... with out the times it would be a crap shot whether the person is there or not.
  11. Nothing but Pirates in their underway running around the islands.
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