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  1. Hate all you guys want on mega companies but they will always be around. That's just a fact. If every single company over 50 players would instantly vanish, the smart players that are currently at 15-25 members would recruit and become mega themselves. It also doesn't matter what the gold or resource upkeep costs for megas are. We had at least 850k gold and 5-6 different types of every resource just in our 2nd island.. We frequently gave large quantities of gold for tokens and even tamed dragons for solo and small groups that just wanted to try them out. I see the same 15 people or so complaining about megas. I'm willing to bet each and every single one of them got wrecked because they either fired the 1st shot, didn't state their presence upon enemy territory entry, or just shit talked. Whatever the case may be, your tears are just adding fuel to the fire lol. a little tip: If you have a group of 4 people it shouldn't take longer than 1 hour to build a schooner. Put 3 ballistas on the back and go kill 2 whales manually. Avoid the SOTD's on the way towards the polar regions. Find a great island around the 12's area. There you will find the perfect temperatures to breed bears.
  2. Something tells me that you're skipping school right now. You might not want to miss anymore english or spelling classes.
  3. That attitude isn't very healthy. I would like to think that many players are looking forward to the NA PvE servers because by that time, everyone will be familiar with the new changes and want a fresh start with a leg up. Players who don't want to be on a private RP server will also join, as well as those who prefer PvP but aren't good smart enough to survive. I don't think you meant to talk down to the 4 man companies on PvP but i can tell you that there are many small companies such as yourself that do very well on PvP. There was a team of 4 that lived on F-5 during launch week and they gave the chinese all they can handle before moving south and creating a mini-tribe of 8 that ended up being very successful and respected.
  4. Empires will be mostly empty. The vast majority of players on Colonies are solo/small companies. It's been that way since launch and through this PTR. Especially now since there's no NA PvE yet, there will be more bobs than ever. Easy pickins. Since you play PvE, foundation/pillar spamming, claiming land, getting griefed, etc isn't 1/10 is bad as it is on PvP. Good players always adapt. Those who can't, well they will be playing with you.
  5. I can't figure out why some of you are so concerned about how many players will be back on servers once the officials arrive. What does it really matter to you? Are you worried that you won't find an island to call home? Are you worried that there won't be enough players around to have constant PvP? I don't get it. Anyways, i'm not sure what the other big companies have planned or what they expect their numbers to be but I for one am certain that we will have at least 40 of our original members back in game today once the servers become available. During the PTR barely any of us played, and this was the case for the vast majority of other big companies as well. I am also certain that ALL of the best islands, as far as the most valuable/quantity of resources, closeness to lawless and freeports, and overall terrain quality, will be going to the big dogs once again. Within the 1st 30 minutes that the servers are up, we will have many schooners and brigs fully built, a main base with defenses, and plenty of extra resources. I'm also very happy at the fact that the leaders/admins have all given the ok to dominate the solo/small tribes. Happy Sailing!
  6. As much as i would love to believe Jat is telling the truth, there are ALWAYS unpredicted problems. I'm sure they are aiming for Thursday but again....i can't remember the last time they kept their word on an announced date. I've also noticed that many of the large patches/updates come late at night, except for the pve ptr that was just recently implemented relatively early in the day. If we can get the officials up and running by friday night, I'm sure many would be pleased with that.
  7. Same here. 45-man company here but only 9 downloaded ptr and played. Officials or nothing most of us feel.
  8. Yes Atlas 123 company built up on E-4 South Island) surrounding the vendor you buy NPC's from. Very cheesy and nooby but easy to get your new npc's out of there if you have a friend with a chair outside the behemoth gate to place them onto. it doesn't matter what the devs do...there will always be people who don't approve changes. Myself, i'm not a big fan of the claim system but i will adapt. I won't get into details on everything but overall i think they've done a decent job so far. I haven't gotten around to the submarine/crabs yet but i will on private server soon. I hear they need fixes anyway. There are many ships of the damned. It's a cool concept having them in packs but my goodness, i counted 24 total all within render distance. Bravo on the new grappling hook, very cool. Vitamin system still sucks. Just scrap the idea and slap whoever originally thought of it. I can still shoot creatures in the face with arrows and they take 0 damage, wtf. I was unable to play today for more than 2 minutes at a time due to disconnections on D-5 but overall, as the great Max Holloway says, It is what it is.
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