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  1. Downloading 19gb atfer opting out of PTR Beta becouse of a steam Issue,so why rant about 400mb? o.O
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    Try this to Play: Steam>Steamapps>Common>Atlas>Atlas:BE.exe (As Administrator) works for me Edit: Becouse for me the Game shows what amount on Gold i Need to Claim,as im Solo Atm
  3. Nope They Do not, Lost my Ship on EU PvP Ptr within 2 and a half Houers ( as Logs says) after the 320 Update,then the Steam Lounch Error...*sigh* Im Cursed Loged in Today on a Sunk Ship,as Stated Bevor i was Kicked out on 15o´clock German Time and Ship was Sunk at17 pm Houers,Crew Mutinet at 21Pm
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    Valid Island

    Ah so i´ve must have missed the Message that im probably in a Lawless Region.Thank you
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    Valid Island

    Would explain why there is no claim a all in those sector.Makes sence Thank you. If a Dev can and is willed to Explain that this is True,the Topic can be closed than
  6. MiyuNoir

    Valid Island

    Im just standing on an Island with a bank and all what i read is nessasary to claim an Island,but i cant becouse the Game tells me i can do this only on an Valid Island,so What IS an Valid Island? For me in my interpretation its absolut everything execpt an Golden Age? so there im Mistaken? Am I Mistaken at all? or is it just a Bug that has to be Fixed? I dont Know,but as an PTR i think its better to give an False Alarm as to be siltent as all.