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  1. Which is the situation right now on pvp-eu. There is just one big ally left and the rest has either quit or just logs in to reset/feed.
  2. Has nothing to do with how u build. NPC mounted cannons/puckles and so on do not work as intented: they do NOT shoot at the range they could & should (no matter the settings). Even worse: if the server laggs due to overload they even miss ppl right in front of them. If you don't belive it do the following test: - build a cannon towards water - fire shot as far as you can and mark the landing spot with a boye - let an NPC mount that cannon and make sure all settings are correct - let someone with a cheap slopp sail towards that boye from the sea. From the boye the person shall sail straight towards the cannon. --> note at which point the NPC finally starts shooting and realise how easy it is to out-range NPC-mounted weapons.
  3. As long they don't fix all the bugs and glitches and keep making raiding easier with each patch they will continue to bleed ppl on PvP-Server. It's simply no fun to get roflstomped and your stuff destroyed by someone you can't dmg at all or defend against. If you are 3 ppl hitting a guy and you have journeyman-stuff but he takes 0 (!!!!) dmg and kills all 3 as example, what do you think ppl will do? Simply leave. I won't even bother to repeat how broken the NPC Ai is with the entire not shooting when they should. There is to much inbalance in the game in so many diffrent ways that PvP is simply not viable anymore.
  4. You're completly ignoring my point. I am not talking about trade-vessels getting attacked. I talk about ppl using that function to go PvP further away than they do now. Nobody here forgot the thread from Willard moaning about how they are forced into quitting the game because they griefed everyone close enough and now there is nobody left close by. And how it is to bothersome to travel more than 3 grids for them to do PvP. This suggestion would not help any small company, it would make it worse for them. Because they would be out of the sudden in reach for everyone. Btw what makes you think it is a problem for small company to get ressources and bp's? I see this a lot thrown out here by mega-players. But I don't know a single small company that has an issue with this? I even know small companies of a handfull ppl that progressed faster than some megas in that regard.
  5. Reddit does not matter for a game - it's a very small % of the marketing-mix. There are other social plattforms that matter way more because they reach massivly more ppl. Especially for a small dev-team trying to mod Reddit is a lost cause. The man-power needed for that is simply not there. I would not bother with it either. It's a simple number game of where to invest the little money and manpower you have. Btw if you think that Reddit is a viable source for information and to shape opinion I am actually worried for you. Don't bubble up like that!
  6. 1) is a big NO. This would be abused in PvP and for griefing like crazy. Might be viable for PvE but would give PvP the last push to eternal death. On what grid you have your base in PvP is a part of the defence. Being within easy range for everyone out of the blue would remove this protection and open the flood-gates for even more griefing. This would also affect the entire economy and therefore all the points involving trading. Why trade if far away ressources are easy to get?
  7. No they will not. No matter how high up you place that cannon - a cannon-bear will outrage every single weapon manned by an NPC. I've said this now countless times: NPCs do NOT shoot at maximal range they should shoot. Go test it yourself: - Build a cannon towards water - Shoot the furthest you can and place a boye in the water to mark the furthest spot you managed to shoot - Now you let an NPC man the cannon. Make sure all settings are correct. - Ask a friend to quickly leave your company, give them a sloop and let them sail from the sea towards that boye. - from the Boye they shall sail straight towards the NPC - Observe and realise how freakin late the NPC will start shoot and how close the sloop managed to get, before the NPC finally decides to shoot In my opinion the fact that NPCs do NOT work like they should is the core reason why raiding is way to easy.
  8. Are u talking about PvE or PvP here? You need to be more specific. Because in PvP they are not spammed so nobody can settle, they are spammed so the enemies can't build cannons, FOBs and other attack-structures.
  9. No you can't. NPCs are buggy and do not fire at max distance - no matter the settings. Let's say the max distance a large cannon can fire is X. You buil one and you fire it and you see X is the distance (maybe place a boye or somth so u see how far u can fire). Now u place an NPC on that cannon and someone of your company or a friend leaves the company and sails with a trash-sloop towards that cannon to simulate an enemy. Start at the marked spot X and observe how the NPC will NOT shoot. Then sails straigh forward to the NPC and note at which point the NPC actually starts shooting: it is MUCH closer than you would think. Because of this it is actually no problem to outrange any NPC-mounted weapon. No matter if you are on ship or land. NPCs only start shoot their weapons when enemies are way to close. This makes automated defenses ridicolous easy to deal with.
  10. Are you serious? Honestly you should be ashamed writing something like this. Take some days off - go outside and think about what you just wrote here. This sentence tells more about your life and your bad lifedecissions then being any valid argument to the discussion.
  11. U need lvl 40 for cooking - what?! Beside - even without cooking there is no problem at all to keep the vitamins in balance. Don't complain if u refuse to use the respec option. It is there for a reason. Just because you don't like it and therefore miss out - by your own choice! There are tons of fresh water sources. And getting water is actually way easier in Atlas than in Ark. Especially on low lvl. Tested the new map on ARK the other day and got triggerd like crazy about not being able to simply quickly dig for water. Honestly I think you simply missunderstand and don't know how to use many mechanics correctly. As example the taming in Atlas is WAY faster and easier than ARK. Same for breeding.
  12. If your critic is only about the ++-mode than u should rephrase your entire topic heavily, because that's not at all what how it sounds? Don't talk about "what's the point of this update" - because the update is very well received by the players and makes them happy. Instead make a normal phrased suggestion like "I think the ++-mode won't be used much because of the possible griefing. Maybe the ++-mode could be reworked to allow anyones NPC's to eat food from the flag but not eat gold, instead they have to pay gold for the food". As it is phrased now it seems like you want all options to not be feeding gold - and thats not at all what ppl want!
  13. Then simply don't turn the option on to feed everyone's NPCs with food and gold (++)? Only have it for Settlers (+) or the landowners themself (no +). What is the issue with having a choice?
  14. What? Have you not been following the discussions the last days? This update was ment to give the landowners the option to pay and feed the NPCs for their Settlers - as very loudly demanded by the community. The option to pay and feed everyone is just a sidenote. I think you are completly missunderstanding this update and it's purpose.
  15. I know - and what exactly is the problem with the fact Players can choose on their Flag who exactly they want to feed & pay gold for?
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