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  1. Our boats usually have an elevated platform on the bow where we place the steering wheel. We were building a new galleon last night, today we tried finish the elevated platform (one wall high) on the bow and it will not let us place the floors (ceilings) . Keeps saying there is no foundation near buy. We destroyed the platform completely and tried to rebuild, now we can't even put it back. I tried to build a 2x2 box using walls just aft of the forward mast and it will not let me put ceilings on that either. Something has changed since yesterday. Also note that it is hard to locate walls on the Ceilings installed to fill the holes in the deck. One other note, we do not have the two lower decks, only the upper deck , bow and stern, and the rear deck above that one. This is a similar design to one built pre-wipe with no issues. update,....the lowest deck acts as a foundation. added the lowest deck, completed the build and removed the lowest deck. will always keep a deck so if something breaks i can fix it.
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