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  1. crash number 9 with a 10 minute rollback...
  2. Why does this server keep crashing? We have been trying to raid for the past 3 hours but the server continues to crash. This is the 7th time it has crashed. The timer keeps decreasing but we cant get to the island because the servers keep rolling back. Need a dev to look at this.
  3. Good test. Will be interesting to see what the Devs say.
  4. All brigs leveled the same? 100% sure none of the stats on the ships affecting the sails etc. maybe the damage affects sails where it shouldnt.
  5. JBournE

    Whale Spawns

    still no whales. no devs want to update?
  6. JBournE

    Whale Spawns

    Whales aren't spawning at all on Eu pvp server. Our company has sent 3 ships today and all 3 have come back with 0 whales. Sailing around B13 - D15 squares
  7. I have only been playing on the server a day, but it has been enjoyable so far. There was a couple packets of lag but the servers have been running smooth for the most part. The discord is setup very very nice. They def have the support staff to run a server properly. I really like the vet additions, always makes me feel better when people recognize that. It's the little things that keep people engaged
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