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  1. Abbadon

    Captain's Log 27: May Mega-Update

    If I read correctly, a change in the PVE flag mechanics is not planned, so many forum entries that criticize the current PVE flag system will be ignored. so it makes no sense for me to continue playing this game and I will leave it. thanks for nothing
  2. Abbadon

    where are the Empire players?

    I think you have been looking too long into a cyno
  3. Abbadon

    where are the Empire players?

    many write here about EVE and PVE where please find it in EVE PVE? even in high sec you can be shot out of your ship .. because even the concord does not help you, which only punishes the attacker. but your ship is already broken. So anyone who associates EVE with PVE has never played EVE. in big battles you can notify ccp that will provide more power for the grid. again in EVE there is no PVE because PVP can be forced on you at any time. So finally stop to compare EVE and Atlas.
  4. Sorry guys but comparing EVE with Atlas is like comparing apples and pears. and if I look at what EVE can do, it's an insult to compare it to Atlas. Boomervoncannon is right in EVE is most action in the 0 sec. GSF 33800 member, pandemic 18928 member, Test Alliance 17034 member .... and so on. @Jose did you ever try to claim EVE solo Sov? will not go alone the game mechanics does not allow ^ ^ and the most important EVE is for a completely different target group.
  5. Abbadon

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    really ? you mean the PVE server ? you see the emty islands ? our colony system is crap for PVE! smal Companys have no chance for landclaiming ! a pirate who pay taxes is really fantasy lol. watch in your mother company Snail Games the tittle Bounty bay online / VoyageCentury online... this was a pirate mmo. there you can jump to the other ship and fight wiht the enemy NPC crew. and the people who say this is an EA title, look in your game diretory, I only see ARK content from A-Z. This is not an EA title that is just making quick money, with ARK content which i already paid. this is not a re-development game, but an ARK extension under a different name so that the season pass player has to pay for the game again. shame on you! so fanboys now you are allowed to slaughter me.
  6. exactly my thoughts .. thanks