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  1. I kept getting kicked out of the server. I could see my ship and not access anything on it and when I tried to look at my inventory or get on my ship I was unable too. Inventory flashes and immediately closes. It's happening to friends also so I know it's not just me. Any idea what's happening?
  2. Tracy

    Where’s the PTR?

    Sigh. I have been jonesing to play while I'm not working this week lol
  3. Tracy

    is this coming out on PTR or is it delayed again?

    Well we are the customers lol. I'd like to be kept I the loop too. Ridiculous
  4. There sure is a bunch of ungrateful people posting here. The same people that will be complaining about lack of content in a month. Just saying...
  5. I know you're probably getting spammed on this but I am CST. Any word when PTR will go up?
  6. I'm just wanting to play! LOL
  7. Is the test server actually up?