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  1. Before 1.5 you could grapple in 1st person. Now whenever u grapple it forces 3rd person. It is very immersion breaking and just plain annoying. Any game with first and third person should be entirely playable in both views imo (or at least in first person for immersion). It even switches to 3rd person when grappling a chest at sea ... Can we please have 1st person grappling back? here video with first person grappling for new people.
  2. So now I tried logging in to the regular (high memory) mode and it worked for a while, but then had the same crash. this time it took me 5 minutes+ before I crashed. In low memory when I tried to login today, I crash 30 seconds after a successful login. Doubt it's my system if it takes longer on high memory mode to crash than on low memory mode.
  3. EDIT: Probably another issue as mine refers to another map. Yes i havesomething similar, Except i have it after less than 5 minutes of gameplay. I have 6 GB RAM, I suppose since u have alot more, maybe it's a memory leak? Would explain why it's 60 minutes for u vs 2 to 5 minutes for me. I also play on low memory mode. This needs to be fixed asap. This is the first time since I bought the game that I cannot play it at all. 700+ hours of mostly fun times without too many issues. PC specs: Processor: i7 920 , 6GB RAM, nVidia GTX 970 , OS: W10
  4. Yesterday just after recruiting a new member I crashed for the first time, now keep crashing every time a minute after I login onto EU-PvE server. Picture in attachment. I play on low memory mode.
  5. Yes good idea about making the top obstructed, indeed maybe just let us place one cannon on top deck, but not on planks placed above that first cannon. the reason I am not sure about restricting cannon placement is because I generally don't like restrictions, but then they should add the physics to force us to use more realistic designs, I mean there are reasons 18th century people didn't make the design players make ingame. There are reasons why over the course of history ships changed from most cannons facing forward (14th-15th century) to most cannons on broadsides. But I guess that would be too difficult to program, so just restricting it would be the simpler solution.
  6. No it's not useless, it's so u can walk around or even go to the crow's nest and remotely order an npc helmsman to change course. I even killed a Sotd with npc on helm with a brig If they make actual autopilot for ships without players on them, there would be a few problems: 1. if u fall off, your ship continues without you. You could get back to ur bed, but lose all stuff on ur character 2. people would have way too many automated ships, so instead of having max x ships sailing around with x players online, theyre could eb potentially up to 10x or more ships sailing around with x players online, way too much for the servers to handle, I think. Though I would like full autopilot for just the ship u are on, with the ability to order them to sail to a set of coordinates and perhaps even somewhat intelligently engage (or maybe better avoid) Sotd or other treaths, so u could AFK while sailing, or walk around on the ship below deck (a bit like in Shores of Hazeron, though that is a space game)
  7. Make them all have their actual RL size instead of having e.g. a giant wolf. No weigth reduction at all, but just increased carrying capacity for elephants and rhinos. Also remove scales from the rhino. Normal tusks for elphants. Make metal harvestng with rhino better than with pickaxe.
  8. I've seen a few older posts containing parts of what, but they are a bit incomplete (imho). I know people usually get angry over posting relevant things in older threads for some weird reason, so I made a new thread instead. 1. Why does it need a rework? - Ships with ridiculous platforms with most guns on top deck facing fore or aft, all with large cannons. - Almost no-one in pvp is using gunports - Galleons with 6 masts look horrible and are totally unrealistic for the era that inspired the game's setting, even if it's not set on Earth. (17th or 18th century) - We can't create any proper rig due to lack of headsails, staysails and inablily to attach gaff sails to the back of square rigged masts - The large masts look too small on a galleon. - The gunports look a bit too large. For people who think a game full of 6 masted warships is not an issue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_large_sailing_vessels As you can see: - Not a single warship ever had more than 5 masts. - Not a single pure sailing warship ever had more than 4 masts. - The largest and latest pure sailing warships, when pure sailing warfare technology was at its pinnacle, right before steam engines were introduced on warhsips, only had 3 masts. - Even the hybrid steamer warships from the 19th century in this list, that had more than 3 masts, had their rigging reduced to 3 masts at some point. I did not find examples of 15th through 18th century merchant vessels with more than 4 masts either. So do you now understand why any Age of Sail enthusiast will cringe at the sight of a 6 masted galleon? In my opinion, the ingame galleon with it's maximum of 52 gunports and about 54 meter long gundeck, looks alot more like a 3-masted 4th rate ship of the line, than the earlier 4-masted galleons. Either way it should absolutely not have more than 4 masts and preferably only 3. 2. Solutions: 2.1 Sails - Add a very large mast, with royal sails and if larger shipclasses are added, add huge masts aswell. This would both allow for having a 3 masted galleon aswell as have the masts look large enough for the galleon and potentially larger vessels. - Adding jibs and staysails It would allow to have a proper Bermuda rig for sloops, a proper Schooner-rig or just about any proper rig that needs headsails. - Separate mast and sail placement. This would for example allow for an actual brig rig with 2 square rigged masts, a gaff sail (spanker) attached to the mainmast and jibs between the bowspirit and foremast. It would also allow for a square rigged sail to be put on top of a gaff rigged masst for a proper brigantine rig. - No weight sails Because it just doens't make any sense, remove a weigth sails and suddenly a ship can carry less and starts sinking? Similar to weight reduction on tames. 2.2 Cannons and combat - Remove the large cannon or restrict placement to lowest deck and increase range of medium cannons to at least match the range of SotD. It would make people actually use gunports and give us less ridiculous looking designs. The largest guns were actually put on the lowest gundeck, closest to the water, where the ship was at it's widest, to prevent capsizing when firing them. Could also not restrict placement and make ships capsize when firing large cannon broadsides from top deck. - Add fore and aft gunports and possibly restrict cannon placement (not sure about the latter) No more 10 cannons platforms at fore and aft. - Make cannonballs protrude the hull and damage, or just make the bow and stern weaker: Turning your bow or stern into an opponents broadside becomes a bad idea and people would want to actually use their broadsides as much as possible and try to do "T-mavoeuvers" for max damage, while at the same time trying to avoid allowing their opponent to execute this manoeuver. - No weight difference for cannons between openend and closed gunports. Opened gunports in high seas would just mean ur ship is sinking very slowly because it takes on water. I mean the ships sink with one plank removed, but keep afloat with all those oversized gunports open? And why does it say submit a bug report, when i'm posting in suggestions?
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