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  1. Hey, nobody's judging you because of where you like to drink. Live and let live.
  2. Glad we're back up and running! Still a work in progress but after 400 hrs I figure I got my monies worth already compared to some "finished games". Thanks for all the hard work. I also missed this. I think you still have a ways to go with how you communicate with your customers. Do we really need to be on steam, twitter, facebook, discord and this website to be in the know? Food consumption seems really high at the moment. Spawning in the sky and falling to your death is still a thing. Game on!
  3. Agreed! Pirates, Ships, Sails... It ain't about "The Golden Age of Elephant and Giraffe Riding".
  4. I think you've killed the game. Hope I'm wrong. Please stop screwing around with submarines and other frills before you get the core of the game set. 20 hours after you announced Atlas 1.5 sometime in April and the game load screen says "March 20 Mega-Update releases!" You guys already throw in the towel?
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