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  1. I feel like that kitten... I just want the milk.... Make it happen already... Where does it day April 1st? someone give me the link/reference.
  2. So, New Captains log today? I still have not seen Test servers I can login and try the "huge March patch". Did I miss read that they were going to have a test network before rolling it out on the 8th of .... Not March..... LOL Thx guys.
  3. Just logged in and the "News" Says: "ANARCHY on the ATLAS! 6x rates + PVP build anywhere thru April 8th when March Mega-Update releases!" So... if it is released on the 8th of April is it really a March Mega Update? anyhow... So should I take the 8th off work? GRRRR...
  4. Please, just tell me when will the wipe happen then? What is going to happen on the 20th? Nothing?! I want to see the new system in action as soon as it is ready. I expected the test server info right after the announcement. Give me something so I can plan my time off. I'd like to be there for this. Community: Let me know what we know for sure about the upcoming changes? Have there been any Dates or times that are set? Devs: Don't drag the community around with no firm timing. It kills desire. Give us something to test at least. Thanks,
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