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  1. Gremlin_senpai

    Realist’s thread

    can't we just have a special containment board for you, so you don't just spam the forums up with your circlejerk nonsense?
  2. Gremlin_senpai


    Even if they wipe, without some exciting new content, almost no PC players will return, no reason to at all. They should try rush something out like a new ship type in time for xbox release, then could be a fun few months until everyone gets bored again and quits
  3. Gremlin_senpai

    Atlas and steam charts

    You need help realist, you post so much about a game you don't even play, go outside and talk to someone. It isn't healthy how much you post on these forums. Basically only like 10 people posting threads now, its just an echo chamber
  4. Gremlin_senpai

    Yep, underwater caves

    Feel like its the same 4-5 people on these forums spamming ideas to each other in an echo chamber, noone else here anymore. And one of them doesn't even play the game, clearly has some attention issues. Tells you the state of the game/community
  5. Oh look another Talono thread whining about mega companies Megas don't even exist anymore, I doubt any company has more than like 20-40active players
  6. Gremlin_senpai

    Is another wipe coming in the near future?

    For a game that REQUIRES player interaction for the majority of its content, having peak time player counts of like 6-700players spread accross the entire grid network, is basically creating a downwards spiral of activity. Less players = less player interaction = more players get bored and quit = less players, etc etc. The oceans are basically dead, I remember months ago you could go out on a brig and basically be guarenteed to find some ship pvp in 20-40mins, now gl with that. At this point they basically have to combine the servers. My guess is they're going to announce a wipe and a combine together, when they have another big content announcement to bring some excitement back and hype players up for a fresh start. Combining the servers also means they have less running costs, which is probably preferable as the games certainly not bringing much more money in at the moment, no payable cosmetics/ monthly subscriptions etc. But ye, game currently is basically dead
  7. Gremlin_senpai

    Great player loss!!!

    Talono guy has some serious chip on his shoulder, should just ignore everything he says. Probs some ultra salty friendless solo player.
  8. Gremlin_senpai

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    dont think theres any company on EU PVP with more than 20-25 active players now, funny to see how often the word mega is used, like theres gigantic swarms of players razing grids to the ground every day
  9. Gremlin_senpai

    State of Atlas (post-May update)

    peak players in EU PVP is like 1-1.3k now. Almost impossible to find engaging experiences out on the seas, or have huge battles (which wouldnt be possible with the lag anyway). Without player interaction, people will get bored faster; its a pretty quick downward spiral. Ship pvp meta is also pretty bad, every brig is basically just 12gunports + a few back canons, sniping each other side by side. Used to be so much more fun with the heavy canon builds, even if there was a tendancy for shotguns. Atleast every ship looked different, and you had to spyglass it to determine how you wanted to engage the fight. infinite grenade spam and horses also make land pvp fairly tedious. Game is in a very bad state, but noone is going to want to come back if they know unplayable lag still occurs when player counter goes above 70, thats got to be the first priority
  10. Gremlin_senpai

    Gated content

    people whinging about needing to the powerstones, which are easily soloable..... unbelievable how pathetic some players are, just grow up and do it. stop bitching and grovelling for hand-outs because you can't be bothered to leave your island and achieve something
  11. Gremlin_senpai

    LF settlers EU PvP

    That Talono guy seems like an absolute salt-lord, whinging and whining because he has to kiss the boot of better companies, surprised hes even playing colonies after he was so adamant that empires was the superior server, even when it was dead on arrival because everyone except him agreed it was a disaster. Make any post including 'colonies' and 'tax' and hes sure to reply with how amazing he is for solo raiding people, and how he will never pay taxs. Sounds like an attention seeking 12year old. No one cares, stop spamming the forum
  12. Gremlin_senpai

    Mythical shipyard

    anyone able to test this on unofficial servers? Sort of important to find out, especially with how long leveling takes now
  13. Gremlin_senpai

    Multi Server Types - A Change For Good

    why would mega tribes go to empires, when theres going to be noone other than them there. They will cut down to an ultra hardcore 50man group, probs ally with 1-2 other similar groups and then continue business as usual.
  14. Gremlin_senpai

    Hardcore PVP server

    100% this ^ don't know what that role play moron is talking about, seems to have a chip on his shoulder about being cucked by a bigger tribe at some point