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  1. Just tried it and found iridium. But did it in a polar server biome so no idea iff im just lucky with the spawn of resources..
  2. I have MNT_H_CL on my map and its not there, then it must be the grid biome that does it.... thanks alot gonna try and change the grid biome, what biome do u use on that island ?
  3. Could someone help me ? Im trying to get a private server up and running, but i cant seem to get iridium on to the map. been looking on all the islands that https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Atlas_Wiki says it is but no luck Could someone help me with a Island name and if theres any special climate or something like that to get it to spawn. it looks like Mnt_H_ET has it, but it is copper, thou its black rocks that seem like its iridium
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