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  1. I thought they had fixed them? They changed the rent in patch 103.0, as per the patch notes- "Default value is 0.08, for a 92% reduction from the previous rate"
  2. While I disagree with the OP on some things that should or shouldn't be in game, as boomer said you can debate about whether or not player shops should or shouldn't have rent, or whether they should or shouldn't be centralized, but the daily rent was crazy and not thought out at all. And I believe it was 14,000 if I recall correctly. Ridiculous. I definitely agree with the spirit of the post, adding things without thinking about ramifications is what it seems like they do a lot.
  3. Its great to see after 2 months of you making this thread your still an ass. Great work on developing your personality, underachieving is worth celebrating.
  4. The brain and its perceptions of things do odd things at times...
  5. It also does not help that because there are many bugs it is hard to tell what is a bug, what is intended, and what was changed. Makes testing a lot harder than it needs to be. I did not know this about the plank numbers, this is good to know. No where that I know of says this or explains this. Thanks for the heads up on the info.
  6. Because MOST people work a 9-5 5 day a week job. The 2x is intended to encourage people to play when they have the most time available. It is not unfair at all. Even in the groups you listed most of them again are not working the weekends or working them all the time. If they did what you are saying then 2x are not special nor do they encourage people to play more in their free time. You are simply upping the amount we get permanently. Your title sounds a bit entitled. Implying that because you have to work it is unfair. As if you are somehow being screwed over because you have to work those hours. You are in the minority in general, and nothing is going to ever be completely fair. Welcome to the real world.
  7. This. All of it. Especially the large walls and gates snapping. I also suffer from this OCD.
  8. As I said in my post I "believe" that was the number, I had not tested it. I just know they do take the gold out if in range, others are saying they do not do so. Thanks for the video and correction/actual number of foundations.
  9. It IS accurate. Been this way since I started playing. If it is not working you are probably outside its radius. I believe the radius is 30 foundations distance. This was tested by a you tuber. Watched it on a video. I have one NPC I currently have to feed and give gold to manually because he is outside the radius at my base. Its a temporary situation so I do not mind right now. But they take gold from the resource container if in range.
  10. No problem. If you get some type of land line and still have issues just let the forum know.
  11. It depends on your map setup, how many islands, how many players. I have read the more players the higher the ram usage, it supposedly goes up drastically the more people that connect. Also read a recommendation (by people running a heavily populated 9x9) to have 2 threads per server and 12 GB of ram per server for "best" performance. Read an empty tile takes up around 1 GB. So it will really depend on how many people and how you set up your tiles.
  12. Even if you install the font , you probably still will not be able to tell as the font is for simplified Chinese I believe. The names and characters of the font will be in Chinese. So unless you can read simplified Chinese this will not help much. I suppose if they own an island you might be able to compare the company characters and find them on a map by comparing.
  13. I also agree with this. Would be nice. QoL improvement for sure.
  14. I am not sure as they say in a further post they need to get fiber line. That's why I was asking for clarification. A laptop or a desktop is immaterial as long as they are above spec for the game. If they are connecting via a mobile phone or mobile hotspot, that could be a problem depending on the carrier, what they allow, what they do not allow and possible firewall settings. I have played Eve online via a mobile hotspot years ago and I did not have issues, but not all carriers are alike.
  15. The Fog really is ridiculous in tundra/polar. It feels like it is every 10 minutes. It just gets old.
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