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  1. I enjoy Atlas as well as Ark I started playing them both for the same reason each of them are a very niche game. I stopped playing Ark because with each update and each expansion the game started leaning to this space age content that ruined many aspects of the game. Lets face it nobody really wants to see a player zip passed you on a jet-pack shooting a laser weapon while you are deeply immersed in a prehistoric moment on a game. I always figured cartridge weapons in Ark was riding on the line of acceptance however it was easy enough to accept with thoughts of Jurassic park in the back of your mind. With Atlas I approached it with some apprehension same creators same mistakes? For a while no it had seemed that Atlas was going to hold true to the pirate theme (Well besides the ships of the damned which should be the same type of ships we use only modified in ways to make them unique given what they are.) But as with many other gamer's I am able to accept certain things as being inevitable. With the announcement of the submarine I am starting to think to myself here we go again. Now with the new photos of the tames. The creature with the shell sporting a mowhawk idk the other looks like someone was carrying vials of dna containing Elephant, Camel and Impala specimens tripped on a misplaced extension cord and mixed all three specimens together before creating the test tube abomination that we see in the screenshots. Many people in these forums say oh its early access be prepared for the game to change drastically and I agree with that loosely. If your calling card to the game is the logo you have created or the depiction in your cover art then you would be safe to assume that this is a pirate themed game. Ships with sails flintlock pistols blazing away sword fighting buccaneers sailing the seven seas looting and plundering the entire way should be the norm. Mythical creatures oh heck yeah Cyclops, Hydra, Mermaid's luring you to certain death with a sirens song now you have got my attention. Fighting ships that look like bad renderings from an early Rob Zombie production not so much. Fire elemental's and rock elemental's why are they even in this game seems to be a very lazy approach to a lack of villains in the cast so hey lets just copy and paste this guy from our other game and just to make it interesting lets take away any toolkit he could have to destroy these things and see what happens. The soldiers of the damned are all but laughable if your so stupid as to attack them without a tame you may kill one and damage a few more for them to only disappear below ground and regenerate for the next round providing that they don't bug and you don't get the treasure anyway. PVP claim system rework that's nice how about addressing the core issues for PVE? Starting with the PVE claim system you cant take those back without conflict and conflict isnt allowed on PVE so what is the plan with that. If you don't have some sort of system in place for claiming then building in PVE will remain a joke. Removing alliances from PVE is not going to resolve any real issues only creates more for those that are uncertain about joining a company for fear that they will be kicked out and lose what they have done. (I have seen this happen in the chat many times.) So for PVE what are the options join a company and hope they are decent people which that is a rarity in this day and age or, stay in your own company and hope you can pick up randoms that will not create issues themselves. The only answer to those problems was sharing alliances with other companies. You get to keep your company and keep the things you have spent so long earning in the game while sharing the group experience and in many cases the only way to truly progress in the game is with a large group completing powerstone's defeating the kraken etc. One thing to help with the company issues is to make things like ships tames and buildings owned by the player instead of the company. That will eliminate those little issues like players joining companies and losing the ships and tames they worked so hard to obtain. Griefing is another serious unaddressed issue companies parking ships to block your ships in building structures just outside of your base area effectively blocking you from being able to build or utilize your own ships. Giving the Chinese players their own server would go a great distance towards resolving most of those issues. And before someone says utilize a reporting system how are you going to report someone named square square square square square from the square square square company. But we have decided to add submarines to the game they will be unarmed vessels used in the exploration of shipwrecks.... Well maybe we will ad a harpoon or two. Hmmmmm can one imagine the possible ways this thing will be exploited already. Why the need for a submarine may I ask add the shipwrecks and buff the diving suit making it a viable option for sea exploration. I can't help but feel there is one person on the dev team that wants to add laser beams and rockets to every project that person encounters. I have a cure for that hand that person a pc buy them a copy of No Man's Sky tell them to make that game better. Problem solved we could get back to what the player base actually wants which is simple. Ships that work properly crew that work properly tames that work properly and an environment that works properly. You shouldn't have to go searching for tames when you log on because they teleported while you was offline. Your crew should not hop off the weapons unless you tell them to (Including those moments when your tames and or crew go floating off into god only knows where in the heavens while still in the mounted station position.) and there should be a way to easily assign crew to a station so you can hit a button wherever they are on the ship they can return to that station. When something is clearly out of range your crew shouldn't fire at it. Larders ammunition boxes and resource boxes should attach to the ship in the same way you shouldn't need multiples of each to cover your ship. Ballista spears need more speed and range you can fire a ballista alongside of a Galleon with six upgraded speed sails at 25% weight and they will go the same speed and they barely travel the length of a Galleon. Ship parameters are way out of proportion one click into accommodations, survivability or crew should reward the same results no matter what ship one click = one crewman, 10% more survivability or one hour longer added to pay period weight added should depend on what ship it is. Starting weight on all ships needs to be buffed in general If you upgrade the planks on any of your ships you cant haul enough weight to keep them repaired due to natural decay and cyclone encounters which I have had an entire Galleon with journeyman planks front to back destroyed by two back to back cyclone storms in the same grid. (For those wanting to say carry resources in your box the entirety of my resources was 20000 wood 35000 thatch 35000 fiber 5000 metal 1000 hide and 1500 gold.) I had two players on my Galleon repairing during the first storm the second storm hit less than a minute later and destroyed all we had repaired. Ship plank hp compared to resources required to repair are in desperate need of reworking you pay the punishment in upgrading planks when you craft them you shouldn't need to be punished so harshly every time you take a little damage. Bottom line fixing what is there is what is needed not adding more crap that don't work.
  2. Tuff977

    Taming SOTD Npc's

    Yes actually you can "Tame/Recruit" a crew member with food. Go out sink an sod put some food in your 0 slot and swim out and try it before telling me you can't thank you. However that isn't what this post is about its about a bug that wont take the food out of your bar when you "Tame/Recruit" the crew member so it ends up costing nothing. I neither needed an education on how to "Tame/Recruit" nor a correction for what to call it. The game refers to it as taming a recruit so I refer to the issue as such when I posted the bug.
  3. Tuff977

    Taming SOTD Npc's

    When you tame crew from the SOTD with food the food is not removed from your tool bar.