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  1. Surprise.. A new delay PTR on 4th If I would work with my company in that way, I would have 24h time in the future to play... Ahhh wait... for atlas
  2. Relase at 12 or 13 of april... Pfff... Bad for all players who like the game. We played every single day for 2 or 3 hours together and it was a long time to wait for the MARCH mega Patch. Then you take a look into the forum and surprise... Next delay. Its funny to wait We hope to get a better announcement but the timeline is... Also fans of atlas will get angry
  3. Thx for the update! But we have a delay again? Lets make a suprise and go online before 8 of April! Didnt read something that someone needs a ptr or am I wrong? Make the test server for example 2 or 3 days cause we will TEST it on live server and report bugs as we do since the beginning
  4. Our group is waiting for the patch and we will not understand why we get a ptr cause we are also tester on live server.... But what we will write here if they release the live server BEVOR 8 of April Am I to positiv?
  5. But we are afraid, that you write on 1.april: The server is on
  6. Thats right. We hope to get the live server on 8 April! Would be a nice surprise if this would happen. For people who like the game its a long time
  7. Me and my friends will come back if the patch comes soon. Few will start an other game and we hope they will not stay there. So, we hope that we can play as soon as possible
  8. +1 I would make sence to play during the wipe info and the real wipe if we dont loose our charakter!!!
  9. That was not the problem. The time between the first info about wipe and the patch is too long.. And then delay, delay, delay... Why a Test-server? We are testing in ea. But you are right. In my opinon the try ti fix bugs fast. My guild playing one game for a long time and we will not play an other for 3 or 4 weeks. So, we like this game but we dont like to wait till???
  10. Its good to see, that devs working But waiting for a long time for server wipe, killed the Motivation of our company. We thought that the wipe comes today, so we tried "everything" since the 6x taming, xp etc. And niw we should wait till mid April??? Wipe server and fix bugs and exploits! We know, that this is ea and no need for pts (in our opinion) Better then waiting for one month longer or start playing on pts and "loose" a week or longer more
  11. We play every day and many Island on pve eu are empty. Ther must br an rubric at atlas wiki... Can confirm: Found human on m10
  12. Thx 4 answer. Bad for the player who doesn´t exploit
  13. Our group hope that ther are positiv effects after server wipe and we can live with that, that we have to build new houses, ships, etc. But why we loose our xp?
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