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  1. I was going to write something similar then I found this post. For transparency im in a small company of 3 and we play on PVE – mostly because we’re arnt able to play 24/7, but I understand that some of my concerns and ideas wont pertain to PVP or larger companies. Simply put, we would love to claim a slice of an island and share/trade with others without worrying about griefers. We don’t want to rent and we don’t want a landlord. Even though we played from release we were alittle slow off the mark to go grab a claim (we play when we can) and we settled on Lawless. We’re ok there but we would have preferred to have a little slice of an island to call ‘home’ lol. I really don’t like the idea of 1 flag per island or renting in this upcoming patch. We’ll probably settle on Lawless again if we can’t claim a small island. Even without our own claim I didn’t dislike the claim system just the fact that there wasn’t a limit or enough land. I was happy to read that more islands and a limit are being added but I really think having multiple flag claims on one island wasnt a bad thing (and being able to restrict others building on it). I believe limiting flags either per person, per company or even per biome could fix a lot of the issues on PVE. Im not opposed to upkeep costs on flags either, it’ll just be like having to feed your tames or pay your crew. I understand that finding a balance can be difficult to please all but and claiming should be proportionate to the size of your company. On our little slice of lawless we had some great neighbours and we traded alot but it felt like there were more people on the lawless islands than the claimable ones. Also another problem that did start to emerge, and ive seen this on many islands on my travels was pillaring and blocking around peoples bases and shipyards. Even with an upkeep system I don’t think it’ll fully solve the problem.
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