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  1. There is nothing wrong with my computer. My system is 10k fully ROG Gamers setup. It is the software. If you're not posting to help then do not post at all.
  2. Discord? where? what is the connection info? They would quit because I am the one who got them here. I am the guild leader and we were going to play this mmo for 1.5 years until another game came out then switch to our main one. We will need to find another/different mmo to play on if this cannot be fixed.
  3. Hi there Just bought the game a few days ago. I been convincing my guildmates to buy and play it as well. Things have been going good but I log on today and I keep getting kicked. I have reinstalled, run as admin, increased virtual memory, so forth. Im running an AMD Threadripper with a GTX 1080 TI and 16 gigs of TridentZ Ram on an SSD. I have done a fresh install and various other things. This really upsets me. I need help on how to fix this otherwise me and my crew will need to submit for refunds and find another game Any ideas? Thanks
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