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  1. solraco

    Help me !

    Thanks Cap. Stabbin, but the grappling dont work for tamed animals in PVE.
  2. solraco

    Help me !

    Thank you, Sydhart, but I have tried everything, It only remains that some admin destroy the pillar that does not let me build the ramp to get the animals out.
  3. solraco

    Help me !

    I thank everyone who was interested in this problem; but, forgive me ignorance, some "admin" that can help me? Very thanks...I love this game...and we will see you on the high sea !!!!
  4. solraco

    Help me !

    C10 is the grid; I can not build because there is a pillar that I can not destroy because it is a bug. In map (red cross) appear my "Crash" situation....jajajaja. Thanks for worrying.
  5. solraco

    Help me !

    Here you can see the pillar and my beloved animals : D
  6. solraco

    Help me !

    Thanks for answering; they are in a deep crack in the ground, where there is a pillar (bug) that I can not destroy (decay allowed), and do the ramp to get them out... . If the pillar was not there, I could take them out... Heeeeelp meeeee....jajajajaj...please I love my animals ....I forgot ... I already tried everything you advise me....thanks...thanks...
  7. solraco

    Help me !

    I urge you to make them a "desperate" request: at coordinates long. -69.28 lat.-25.58 in the PVE EU, there is a bug that has trapped two of my most precious animals. I will thank who can help me...please; I love my animals (virtually)...
  8. solraco


    how "red alert" works ?
  9. Este wipe, si es como creo entender, es como cuando dios hizo el diluvio...que es lo que cambio entonces ?. Puedo comprender que hay cosas que arreglar, pero arreglarlas "destruyendo" es muy sencillo verdad ?. Pido disculpas por mi mal ingles (me ayudo del Translation). Saludos a todos. This wipe, if it is as I think I understand, is like when God made the flood ... what is it that I change then? I can understand that there are things to fix, but fixing them "destroying" is very simple right? I apologize for my bad English (I help the Translation). Greetings to all.