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  1. Hi Big Dog we have a lot customers, who are xbox players too and i have the perfect fix for your problem. Theres a free program called Nvidia now which allows you to join atlas from your mobile phone tablet or laptop, without having the game installed. Its freeware 1 hour a day and safe. I used that at work often. Have fun and hope this will help you. Greetings Egon von Sturmberg
  2. hi buddy, sorry for the problems you ve had, lawless is crashing xbox players at the moment. we have another harbor on the backside of the island for xbox players. We dont sell our high melee bears breedable , but we still have plenty of nice offers,just gimme a shout when you wanna visit us
  3. Hallo, wir haben noch ein Paar wenige freie Bauflächen auf unserer schönen beschützten Insel für aktive Spieler. Wir haben alle arten von Resourcen: Stein,Holz,Metall,Stroh etc... Du wirst ausreichend Platz haben um dich auszutoben und zu bauen wie du magst. Ein oder Zwei Farmhäuser kannst du auch platzieren. Bitte nimm mit uns Kontakt auf bevor du siedelst. Für Fragen erreichst du uns im Discord: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn
  4. Ahoy Captains, House Sturmberg is selling an Island in Polar make your offer, we would like to trade the island for another one or sell it if we get a good offer. Ahoy Captains, Haus Sturmberg verkauft eine Insel in Polar, wir würden gerne tauschen oder sie verkaufen, wenn wir ein gutes Angebot erhalten. Our Contact/Unser Kontakt: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn
  5. HOUSE STURMBERG is hosting Server End Game content. Next event is on upcoming Saturday, check our discord for more informations: https://discord.gg/7x6zbnn
  6. Ahoy brave Captains, on upcoming saturday we gonna slay down the kraken, join us on this EPIC FIGHT! Greetings House Sturmberg!
  7. From Sunday we open up our gates againe for the whole world, for New Dayli Jobs and Missions, Animals, Ships and rare blueprints, come and visit us!
  8. update: Servers are wiping soon in few weeks, of course House Sturmberg will be back with full force and we are happy to share our future adventures together with all of you!
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