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  1. Update: Special 10% Discount on Rhinos this weekend till monday!
  2. hi buddy, sure i do! How are you? Yeah the bears are avaible. Do you have discord?
  3. update added harvesters and more!
  4. Update - Bears avaiable againe.
  5. Egon von Sturmberg

    Abandoned boat decay time

    hello batshit, ships decay automaticly after 3 weeks of nobody of the company used the wheel. Greetings House Sturmberg
  6. ATLAS 2.0 POWERSTONE THIS WEEKEND! check our discord for news and more informations contact: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs
  7. Egon von Sturmberg


    nice work buddys, looks awesome, keep on sharing your work with us!
  8. Egon von Sturmberg

    Suggestion: Connect all servers.

    Yeah we discussed this a lot and it ended always with: its better to separate pvp and pve!
  9. Egon von Sturmberg

    Taming bug? Bears removed from E8?

    maybe because of to much tears in pvpers eyes.
  10. Egon von Sturmberg


    EU PVE - pre wipe Company: Unknown