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  1. Egon von Sturmberg

    Goodbye PvE EU.... You can have my stuff

    Thats sad man, hope to see you againe once in the future. Maybe you can get back the fun in the game, if its finished ,released and having cool new stuff. Greetings House Sturmberg
  2. Kristoff Rivers we are not interested in Trading with you. For mor informations send me a PM.
  3. Egon von Sturmberg

    Magic Mythos

    i m pissed too...
  4. Egon von Sturmberg

    Livestream Q&A

    When does the earliest release of atlas would be possible? Making Pve NA and Pve EU one server possible?
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  7. Egon von Sturmberg

    The ship is gone

    i can agree on you just has to step on the boats. We are having a big fleet and ll we do is just jump on it once a week.
  8. Seriously man i dont understand where your problem is, Jat already said several times, that they work on all that especially more content, ship types etc... I m a passionate PVE player myself and agree on some of your points but in general theres nothing to complain about as we know they have limited resources and they just can do things step by step and it will take time to get all we want. In the last time theire forum activity has increased and i m pretty sure they listen and reading our posts and feedbacks. I guess its just a question of time till we get what we want/need.
  9. Egon von Sturmberg


    Hello Ludo, normally we are doin kraken runs from time to time. At the moment we are having a summer break. We are having a big alliance and lots of friends for that. Join our discord and you can ask some of our allys or join us, if we we go next time out for adventure and glory. House Sturmberg Discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3V
  10. Egon von Sturmberg

    Who is having the longest.....?

    I m working. But somehow yeah! Remo you made my day
  11. Egon von Sturmberg

    Who is having the longest.....?

    Playtime winner winner chicken dinner. Edit
  12. UpdATE: Our stocks are full againe and we are have lots of magical and ultimate bears for you! check our discord for more informations.
  13. Hello everybody, i m looking for some animals for our zoo. Need: 10x Lions,10xWolves,10xTigers,10xRazors pls send me two offers one with your best stats and one with your low or midsize stats. We dont need pictures etc.... from each animal , or every stat from each animal just a quick overview. Contact me with Pm or in discord: https://discord.gg/7JbR3Vs PLS DONT SEND ME YOUR DISCORD I M LOOKING FOR A PACKAGE PRICE Greetings House Sturmberg
  14. Egon von Sturmberg


    wasnt it the pvp server?