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    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I dont think you understood what i was talking in my post or at least i didnt make myself clear on it... to have 2 different pvp systems (4 actually due to the NA/EU servers) is to separate even more the very limited population that we already have and add even more development work for themselves as they would have to mantain 6 types of servers (4 pvp and 2 pve). It does indeed show that they are listening to the things players are saying but instead of having a clear route of development they decided to try and please everyone instead of deciding internally on what they wish to obtain out of their own develpment as future for the game. Also to note that, unless i am wrong, the previously announced pvp system would still allow you to be raiding outside of your war timer by the use of a token... At this point i dont really care so much as to what system they implement but that they actually implement something and go ahead and work from there instead of complicating things and segregating even more the dwendeling population of this game. I WOULD ALSO RECOMMEND TO THE DEVELOPERS TO UNDERSTAND A LITTLE MORE ABOUT PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND PERHAPS USE SOME SIX SIGMA OR AGILE/SCRUM METHODOLOGIES IN ORDER TO STOP MAKING ALL THESE MANAGEMENT MISTAKES.
  2. Calliri

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I believe that to create 2 separate PVP systems to try and please 2 different player populations is an error on your part. It may show that you dont have a clear vision of how the game should have its PVP system implemented in the future or at minimum are uncertain of it. I would ask, even though i know that it may not make much difference for me to ask this, that you continue with your previously decided PVP system as the rule of thumb for this patch and if needed adjust it further down the line and not segregate even more the low population of players that we currently have. I also believe that when you keep pushing the PTR and wipe dates as you have been, its making you lose players to other games that are coming out of alpha and beta stages. This is something you will need to address internally from a marketing and management perspective. I predict a huge quantity of players now complaining about this delay again and quite a few, even, give up on investing any time into waiting for this. Please review this internally and consider things before you make them... i bet that if you had asked the company/alliance leaders about their opinion on this 2 pvp system (where you still have the NA and EU separate also, making it a 4 pvp system) they would of told you in unison that they would disagree with this system.
  3. Actually pretty sure that in an EA game your are bound to have these wipes from time to time on a lot of the games out in the market. Its actually something that people forget that a game in EA means that its not like the old time where a company tested and proofed the game in-house... its actually the players doing the testing, and companies are picking up on those tests and making the changes they see relevant (usually based on player feedback). So when i see people get upset about server wipes i keep thinking to myself if people actually know what they are signing up for when they enter an EA game...