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  1. So there is no plan to fix the issues just add new ones?
  2. Considering I worked for a much larger company's game development many years ago. I call BS on this. A lot of the bugs that we are still seeing in the game have been around since the beginning. I am not asking for instant gratification. I am asking that the game be fixed and stabilized before new items/features are brought into the game. And to be honest that is all the player base has truly wanted, is for the game to be fixed! Secondly why didn't the project/game manager or a developer answer instead of the moderator?
  3. "What about the players that do not wish to utilize the market system? Asides from the market, are there any other big gold "earners" in the planning besides maps and whales/sunken treasures? Although the Trade System is meant to be one of the core pillars of gameplay, our main goal is that "gold comes from the sea". So yes, you'll see some additions and refinements to life on the ocean which should make getting gold easier for non-marketplace participants." If you are trying to get people out on the Sea more, then reduce the cost of making a decent ship. 5000 gold to build schooner keeps people at port until they can get the money saved up; especially smaller groups. I understand using it as a gold sink; however, you went to extreme with this venture. ---------------------------- "CLAIM SYSTEM We are looking into rebooting the original claim system that allowed players to take over a section of the island. This is done by placing down a claim structure that takes longer to build and is more robust than a claim flag. It may also have its own defenses. Once fully built, it will have to be destroyed for you to lose your claim and everything that goes along with it. We are not completely reverting back to the old claim system, but will be taking the original concept and building off of it. We are currently still testing some ideas." The old system was so broken that some groups used it to grief people, who not just split some of the larger islands in half if you want to have people own only a portion of the island, or better yet go back to the 15x15 square map and put back the islands you took out. Then more people will be able to claim an island. Another thought reduce the number of islands a company can own, there are groups out there who own over 3 islands. Address this issue first and then the other may resolve itself a little easier. -------------------------- When are you going to resolve the present bugs first and then bring content to the game? You mention using the market system and yet it hasn't been fixed. Secondly you mention all these great things for PVP and yet forget about the other half of your player base in PVE, a lot of folks don't enjoy the PVP aspect of the game. You have to appease both sides not just one for your game to be successful. And finally have your Devs play the game, with all these ideas you are putting forth it is obvious they don't play, otherwise they would see the issues that the players are complaining about.
  4. This is Horrible, wake up you are killing what is left of the game. Really 5K gold to build a small ship?
  5. I agree 100% they need more bosses and content for higher end players. But first they gotta fix the game
  6. Here is my list of suggestions, provided that developers even look at this anymore. I know not everyone will agree with what I stated, but this is my opinion on what should be done to make this game better. · Fix broken code / features before introducing new code or features and insure it is working properly before you release it. There is so much broken now, the game should be wiped and started from scratch with new code. Once you see that the code is stable in a production environment, add in your new features. · Fix bugs immediately with a hot patch, don’t hold off for two or more days, if you have to wait that long to fix something, roll the servers back to the previous version of the game. · Remove both the farmhouse & warehouse. Replace with a single multi-function unit that can be used to gather resources from the island slowly as well store said resources, 1 per company in region. This will reduce the number of items on the servers and prevent spam of warehouses and farmhouses. · One constant theme the Developrs keep telling is that they want us on the seas more (besides for maps, resources and the few quests available) what else are we to do? Killing SOTD’s, doing maps, and the few quests available is monotonous. Make new content/quest once you have the present code Stabilized. · Get real gaming servers, sorry Nitrado servers are not meant for extreme number of players in a region. If you get more than 10 players on the present servers, they begin to lag out horribly. Eve Online just had over 8000 in one region, there is no way the Atlas servers could handle near that load. · Remove this new trade system, let the players drive the economy of the game with trade shows and player ran events. This will be more successful and entertaining for the players involved. If you feel this is needed, make it so only one of the trade islands can be claimed by a company. · Create more claimable islands and limit the number of islands owned per company to the maximum of 2 islands. · Decrease the time sailing, a lot of people are limited to the amount of time they can spend in the game. They shouldn’t have to spend most of their free time sailing to where they want to go. I am not saying make it instantaneous, but to increase the speed of the ships. This is a game it is fantasy not reality. · If people are building a ship, why do they need to spend gold to build it? They have already spent the time gathering the resources for the ship, now you are going to request that they go get gold as well? You are chasing your player base away with these ideas you are coming up with. · Listen to your player base. The ramming ship is neat looking; however, it’s not what people asked for in a ship. · Remove the large text off of the Sextant Buff map, a lot of people use that to see shorelines. The large text is blocking part of the shoreline, shallows and smaller islands. · Bring back the NA PVE server, the Global PVE server is overcrowded or at least bring back the old 15X15 map. · Bring back the experience points for the bosses; however, set a flag that you only get the experience points for completing the boss first time; in the case of the snowman or kraken each player gets experience for version one once and version two once.
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