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  1. Only point I can see for Narc arrows is to put the tame asleep allowing you to carry it to your taming cage, which, sometimes, is not so easy to get the tame to enter.
  2. Considering that they originally said the early development could last as much as 2 years, I think the 10 year estimate is a bit optimistic.
  3. Keep getting kicked after 3-4 min from "BattlEye not responding" Anyone else getting this?
  4. If they wipe that soon after this wipe, I am done until official Launch. Yes, I know, the devs don't give a rats ass about how many players leave, as long as they have enough left to do their testing for them.
  5. Right, make ships more expensive while also making them easier to sink. "Dev Logic"
  6. H9 is screwed as well. Solid 255 ping, but seems like 5k ping.
  7. All existing tickets will be resolved next week, on the 10th if I read the update correctly.
  8. Agree. If a member of a company is known to be cheating, the Leader of that company should be held responsible for confronting that player and either requiring him to stop or booting him should he refuse to do so, else that player damage the company as a whole should he be caught. If the company leader does not accept this responsibility to his honorable members, he shares in the responsibility for what ever happens. And if other members of said company are aware of one of theirs cheating, they also have the responsibility of reporting this to their Company Leader so that he is aware. And if they don't, then they also share responsibility for whatever happens. It's the "win at any cost" attitude that destroys most games.
  9. I still have a Schooner on the I7/A7 line. Been there for like 5 months.
  10. "He who sleeps with dogs wakes up with fleas" unknown. Problems like this might be less of a problem if people start forming tighter, more close nit groups instead of relying on zergs to carry the day. The US Military Academy at West Point has an Honor system which mandates that if you are aware of another cadet cheating, you are Honor bound to report them. Perhaps the gaming community as a whole would be better if more players adopted a similar outlook. my 2 cents.
  11. Thank you for another Q&A update that was completely worthless.
  12. This, also, the Islands in the PvP servers aren't surrounded by a solid ring of indestructible Gallys, which ship structures ALSO contribute to the lag.
  13. The last thing I'm doing is defending this, or any other game. The Devs here, the old ones anyway, have proven their dishonesty and incompetence. I was just pointing out that anyone who accepts their word, for ANYTHING, is an idiot.
  14. I can be called a lot of things, but "new" ain't one of them. Besides, I enjoy stating the obvious, and occasionally poking the bear.
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