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  1. The last thing I'm doing is defending this, or any other game. The Devs here, the old ones anyway, have proven their dishonesty and incompetence. I was just pointing out that anyone who accepts their word, for ANYTHING, is an idiot.
  2. I can be called a lot of things, but "new" ain't one of them. Besides, I enjoy stating the obvious, and occasionally poking the bear.
  3. The wipe is supposedly only a couple hours away, why are the old servers still up?
  4. Ktorr

    New World Map!

    They said between July 1 and July 15, but what year? Just because they gave a date, you would be an idiot if you took them at their word. The word of a Dev, any Dev from any Game, is worthless.
  5. A smaller map is typically the Harbinger of a game about to fail.
  6. Ktorr

    New World Map!

    It has been my experience that a the return of the Dev team after a long absence, followed by the reduction in size of the game world is a good indication of the imminent demise of the game. Lets see if History does repeat itself.
  7. Ktorr

    New World Map!

    Unless you want to test some aspect of the game mechanics, you might as well stop playing now. All servers will be wiped in a few weeks, and the NA PvE server will be removed completely.
  8. Ktorr

    New World Map!

    True. No dev of any game has ever listened to any player. They just do what they always intended and if by some coincidence they do something that players have been asking for, they brown nose for some brownie points.
  9. Ktorr

    New World Map!

    What's so "great" about that server?
  10. Ktorr

    New World Map!

    They are wiping all Servers. The "fuck PvE" comment is aimed at them removing the NA PvE and forcing anyone who whats PvE to go to the EU Server.
  11. Tigers are better. I can solo Masterwork Maps, 20+, with a level 70 or so Tiger. The bleed attack does work on the SOTD. Tiger Damage output is about 1.5X of a Bear of equal level. And Tigers can jump, making it easier to get them to places Bears can't go without a ramp.
  12. I have quite a bit of experience on Breeding Tigers, that's all I do in fact. Gestation is 5 hours. Then 6 hours to get the Cub to 10% and able to use the feeding trough. First Imprint will be 2 hours after this, then 8 hours for each following imprint, 7 in total including the first. Grills seem to be best for providing heat and you will need 720 wood per Grill for the fill 0-10% phase. I usually put in 750. For the 0-10% phase, you will also need about 750 meat per cub. After this, like others have said, just keep the Feed though full. Depending on where you do your Breeding, you will need a number of Grills to keep the cubs warm for the 0-10% phase , and if in the Tropics, or certain other sectors, Friges because the will overheat if too warm. I have been breeding in O4 and only need 6 Grills, but when I was in O2, I needed upwards of 20.
  13. I am reading that, apparently, preexisting structures cannot be removed. No matter, I don't mind sharing an Island, and word down at the docks says that there will be another wipe is September anyway.
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