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  1. FYI. Just did a map (Saturday, 6.29.19) in D10 (NAPVE) and the gold was not 2X.
  2. Have you considered adding some cosmetic skins and constructed ship planks to a shipwreck's loot?
  3. I love these ideas especially ship hammocks replacing ship beds. In addition, added cosmetics could be added to the plunder found on shipwrecks. It would give shipwrecks more viability in PVE. Great job in collecting all these ideas in one place.
  4. Bloodangel

    Bloodangel (Alestorm Allies)

    Flag, Sail, & Canvas Designs
  5. NA/PVE-C9 Dock ceilings and attached building structures disappear randomly.
  6. PVE/NA B5 Can not paint sail while sailing While sailing I was able to preview and paint a sail but after a few moments the uploaded sail art disappeared.
  7. Would this type of claim system work in PVE? Each account gets a single claim marker. A claim marker marks the circumference of your territory (like claim flags) this territory required X amount of gold per hour (like crew) The claim marker has a limited number of slots (like a resource box) where you could place repair/decay provisions like wood, fiber, thatch, as well as the gold needed to hold the claim. (limit the number of coins in a stack) The claim territory can be expanded with an increase in the amount of gold per hour. Claims may not infringe upon the territory of another claim. Permissions, such as those for company members, etc. can be adjusted at the claim marker. This may provide many possible areas to adjustment for a single game element and game mechanic (i.e.: the claim marker): Increase or decrease the circumference of the claim around the marker Increase or decrease amount of gold per hour for each claim size Increase decrease the amount of gold allowed in a stack within the claim marker
  8. Personally, I understand if Grapeshot needs to wipe the servers to "clean up" issues that are arising. Although, like others, I am disappointed that 562 hours have been wasted. I believe this is an area of their expertise, not mine. I trust it is necessary or Grapeshot would not make this decision. However, I am concerned about the implementation of the PVE's lack of a claim system. I would like to bring up an example in hopes that the devs can share some details which would eliminate mine and others concern. If a player or group decides to "grief" you on your bases' island could he/she/they not just build a structure on the island's most cherished resource area(s); therefore causing the resource(s) to despawn? How does this new system provide protection from this type of aberrancy, extortion, or ignorance. Will these areas be protected? If so, how?
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