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  1. Hello developer team, we need employment. how would it be, if bosses also dropped objects, so it would also make sense to do this more often. Mytos alone or ending a quest is not enough.
  2. Lea

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    Happy Hour ... we sell tamed bears for 150 g
  3. Lea

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    Some Tiger for sell
  4. We need more smal islandĀ“s. 15 or 23 points.
  5. Lea

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    It is PvE EU we are sell soon more bread Animals z.B. Tiger, Rhino and Elephant come and visit us on L10
  6. Lea

    pve L10 OPENS STORE

    Update: Tamed Bears for sell ~ 500g Breed Bears 3000 - 4500g
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