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  1. MightySheep

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    Before I got this game it was sold to me as "like eve but with pirates" which is essentially what it is.
  2. MightySheep

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    Rodarin your post is stupid and gay. If you smashed up our company from 500 players to 5 companies of 100 players it literally wouldnt make any difference. We operate as part of a larger alliance even with 500 players. This game will always inevitably devolve into alliance wars, whether people are in the same company doesnt even matter. If anything it just makes us more exposed to insider attacks. I cant relate to this "disorganized and wasteful" thing you guys keep talking about, I'm assuming youre talking about other games where resources are shared in big groups. Resources are not shared in this game. We have multiple groups inside the same company and we live on multiple different islands and we work independently towards the same goals. It's no different from being separate companies except we are much safer and stronger.
  3. MightySheep

    Too many Mega Tribes ?

    As someone in a large company with another large company nearby I can say the main reason is its not worth it! It would be completely counterproductive to get into a long drawn out war with another large company and theres no need, we can grow a lot faster just by expanding in other directions. Also one of the biggest things that put us off such a fight is it would basically result in never ending server lag for both sides. Our home server and their home server would just become unplayable. Thats just the reality of the situation.
  4. MightySheep

    Poll: How do you lose your ships?

    Havent lost a ship in PvP since the start. Have lost 1 schooner to deploying in a shallow dock and 1 schooner to someone close a large gate while it was passing through. "Bugs" should really have been an option on this.
  5. I had a good boat fight with BLDX once, they were the first enemy ship I saw that actually knew how to repair planks and use NPC crew to fire cannons properly. Bit pointless to make a thread calling someone a hacker without video proof.
  6. MightySheep

    PvE is the better version of the game

    Theres a name for ppl like this: PvE'ers. Hey I'm not judging, if you cant handle the heat u should go to the carebear server. Its a bit like if I see a guy wearing a seethrough vest and glitter pants with a bumflap and he insists hes actually straight (PvE'ers in a nutshell), im not gonna judge but obviously a bit misguided lol
  7. MightySheep

    PvE is the better version of the game

    Except I conclude youre not an avid PvPer quite easily because of how dumb the title of this thread is. This game without actual PvP would be dogshit and anyone who thinks that is a "better version of this game" is 1-not a pvper and 2-an imbecile.
  8. MightySheep

    NERF Fire Arrows!!!!!!!

    not to mention they still 1 shot people in full plate just by shooting the ground but wildcard is like "instructions unclear, better nerf guns instead"
  9. MightySheep

    How To Destroy stone walls/doors?

    Ive been told that you cant put explosive barrels on enemy land. However you can raid with cannons quite well, especially large cannons from boats, they travel quite far.
  10. MightySheep

    PvE is the better version of the game

    Youre not an avid PvPer and protecting your stuff is easy. Stay on PvE.
  11. MightySheep

    Manta's think you are steve irwin

    manta rays arent even dangerous at all, it is stingray that killed steve irwin and even those arent normally aggressive THIS RUINS MY IMMERSION
  12. MightySheep

    Help Us Translate

    I'd like a translate in game too, I'm in a Spanish company cant understand shit
  13. MightySheep

    Offline protection

    buildings do have a lot of protection, ships not so much but theres a lot you can do to help that I dont agree with anything that punishes logging in
  14. Yeah I dont give a shit about realism or whatever, this is extremely dumb for game balance. HOWEVER, you very little defence at all if this happens.
  15. MightySheep

    What are your 3 biggest issues with the game?

    1 - Server lag when full. Large scale PvP could be awesome if it wasn't for the fact that the servers start to fall apart from 130 to 200 players. 2 - Crocs attacking sloops / rafts. I feel like I can't do anything by myself because of this. I refuse to go out in anything other than a schooner because if an underwater croc aggros to you on the coast it will launch you off your sloop and into the water than you have to spend the next 20 minutes getting spawn camped by a croc while trying to figure out how to get your corpse back. It wouldnt be so bad if melee weapons werent useless. The other annoying thing is when crocs eat all your cannon NPCs through the bottom deck. 3 - The whole nutrient system + water. I dont know a single person who bothers with the whole "balanced diet" thing because its too much effort and you just end up having to throw away spoiled meat all the time. I think the devs need to accept that it doesnt work already because theres absolutely no penalty to dying (other than your body getting stuck under the map) so there is no reason at all to bother with nutrients when you can just stand on a campfire every time. If you don't have freshwater youre fucked because you have to rely on barrels and the water cylinder things which almost never have water and I'm not even in a desert area. I dont know how devs can look at this regularly scheduled suicide of all players and think "this is a good system". As for the other stuff in this thread, - I disagree with the "lack of real pvp" just today I've had some epic naval PvP. You must really not be looking very hard. "Real PvP" is everywhere. - I dont know why complain about 30% into wind bonus. Tacking is still the best option its just not completely immobile when you need to sail directly against the wind for whatever reason. - Yes the game is horribly optimized and you need a top tier gaming PC to run it properly but its sort of pointless to complain about because I doubt it can be fixed. - Offline ship protect = large gates. Though I do agree that you can never fully prevent waking up to all your shit gone. However its actually not that easy to get through stone walls, doubt anyone will waste so much resources to blow into a noob base. - Killing alphas = 1-3 shots flame arrows aimed at floor.