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    ATLAS Roadmap

    Its a shame that you are not happy that some people are enjoying part of your game a little too much for your liking. PvPvE?? Nerfing tames?! If you nerf all my PVE gameplay and force me into being nothing more than content for your PVP players to consume, then I will quit and go play another game.
  2. Dhara

    Petition to not have Torpedoes added to the game

    I don't' mind torpedoes as there is no way to shoot things under water. But the video they showed it would sink a giant ship with one torpedo. THAT is what is going to ruin the game. They should be no more powerful than the cannons.
  3. Dhara

    Player shops

    Thank you for allowing me to have my opinion.
  4. Dhara

    Player shops

    Unless, of course, you live on an island near me, or see my shop passing by, right? Freeport is a long trip for some players.
  5. Dhara

    Player shops

    Please, please no auction houses! This is such an old and tired idea. I'd love to build a cute little town with shops and stuff. Been waiting for a game to do that for years now. Bases are already close to being useless. And if we can sell ships and tames that would be totally awesome. I can see myself sailing around everywhere to see what ppl are selling, what they are pricing stuff and so on. Lot's of game play there. But an auction house will just make it so boring. One stop shopping like Walmart or Amazon. No one else will ever be able to compete on their own claims and so all you will have left will be the auction house.
  6. Dhara

    WIPE CONFIRMED - Live Stream

    That's what I was thinking too. They don't want solo players, small two-man teams or even people who prefer PVE playing this game. No claims, no shops, ships spawning in large groups, have to defeat the kracken to even be able to have a sub... Ok, gotcha, players like me are simply not welcome in this game. Message received loud and clear.