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  1. There are hybrid unofficial servers, where some grids are pve and some are pvp. Or you can make friends with other people. It just seems you want the ability to attack other people, while having no one with the ability to attack you.
  2. Not exactly, it's a little bit more complicated than that, keep in mind big companies are still going to need smaller companies to occupy their land in order to maintain land costs. A lot of people are overlooking this fact. So anyone on their vengeance against the little guy thing, is only hurting themselves. Small companies are necessary to keep upkeep costs down. It is not cost effective to beat on the small guy. Some of us were looking forward to the initial patch, which would of had that same upkeep rule, basically it would of been siege mechanics on land and raiding on the seas, that way we didn't have to camp our bases 24/7 and experience more of the game.
  3. You do realize this patch was supposed to be done in February?
  4. You were blaming the zergs for the first exodus which was not the case, it was the rampant exploits that were occuring and the inaction on the part of grapeshot to end it.
  5. Can you explain to me how offline raiding constitutes PVP? That's PVE.
  6. The zergs had nothing to do with driving people away, it was exploits and Grapeshot's inaction against exploiters, that drove people away. Did you actually play the game after the exodus? Zergs didn't really appear until after the exodus.
  7. Maybe you miss my point where I said after the first exodus? Pvp was very active, I have no idea what you where you're getting you're info. The simple fact that pvp was more active AFTER THE EXODUS, then it was prior.
  8. There is really much difference between a company that merged from smaller companies, and smaller companies allied up.
  9. Yes, actually there were. The pvp was very active.
  10. Hate to burst your bubble, but SCA and Dynasty were pvping (and the pvp was getting good) right up until the point they announced the patch the first time. After the first mass exodus, the dust settled and pvp happened.
  11. Actually that's not the case. The problem is we were willing to try the initial idea they offered, then they changed their minds without us even attempting the initial patch, and considering they announced the patch too early to begin with, which lead to people leaving to wait for the new patch, only to do a completely different patch and delay the patch even longer, is what we are angry about. Even the mega companies are going to the colonies server, nobody wants to play on the Empire server.
  12. I don't think anyone wants that offline raiding crap, that's not pvp. They should of given us the opportunity to try out the first idea they had, then make changes based on our feedback. Now they are delaying development for changes no one asked for, I get that pleasing the customer is the idea, but you don't do it to the point of being fickle in decision making. Why not open the ptr for one month with the initial changes, let us play through, then give feedback. A 1 week ptr is useless for anything but break the server testing. It would be better than wasting money on 2 more servers, on live, where one would wind up empty. You have a limited number of people playing this game, as it stands pvp is limited due to the population allowed on a grid.
  13. So you want to nerf fire, when it is something used in naval pvp. We've already had fire arrows nerfed. The flame cannon is facing the rear of the cart, maybe avoid the backend? I had two tigers eat a bear a rider and the cart, they attacked from the front.
  14. /felt a disturbance in the force
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