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  1. Everytime u cross a border you get booted, everytime you try to log in it takes about 5minutes before the game lets you. just press the reboot button on your server control panel ffs its been 3weesk since the last reboot.
  2. Good responsive trading company who will try and service all requests, bought many high level bears and resources and even fully pre-built ships from these guys. They are normally willing to negotiate on prices that they haven't already set and they are quite fast with acquiring the things you need. I've probably spent over 50k with these guys so far if not more.
  3. I'll be quitting before or on wipe day.. so stupid to invest so much time and lose everything, you don't reset MMOs...
  4. You don't wipe MMOs that's the number one rule, so much time has been invested just to be deleted, let's see you praise the wipe when there is 2000 players left.
  5. Seriously, so many invested hours into this game putting up with all the glitches and crap and finally getting somewhere in the game and you want to wipe the game??? Do you know how many MMOs wipe games??? None that are thriving today, you can't just reset a mmo... I'm quitting on wipe..
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