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  1. We can prevent ourselves from getting bored by requesting new game content that uses existing game mechanics. See Colonial Imperialists.
  2. Introduce AI Colonial Imperialists. Lore: The Imperialists seek to expand their empire and eradicate the lawless influence of pirates by colonizing the known world. Among all foes existent, the Kraken, beasts of legend and the cursed Damned, none are as persistent and methodical in their approach to quelling the pirate scourge. BLUF: Diverse sea combat options. New PvE land combat gameplay. New Mini-bosses. New Boss Event - Fleets In-game mechanics already exist. Imperialists on Land: Optional applications: 1. Consistent: Imperial land activity is continual, the struggle ensues all day every day. 2. Event Based "Colonizing Rush": Imperial land activity occurs on a rotating cycle. 1 week on three weeks off. Imperial land gains are persistent post event. Operate on similar mechanics as aggressive tames. *agro created by player structures; Will seek out and destroy structures on islands, prioritizing structures around high value items, eg. Ships boxes, storage boxes, work benches etc.. *uses systematic vs. random destruction. Imperialist crew WILL NOT insta-destroy player bases. Attacks will do damage proportionate to number, level, and crew type. Imperialists will establish outposts that contest player claims. A sphere of influence (like an expanding claim flag boundary and decay timer), will expand at a pace proportionate to the outpost level. The rate of contestation is proportionate to Outpost level. Sphere of influence will disappear upon outpost destruction* Imperialists outpost placement ignores player claim flags and "foundation spamming". Outpost placement location can be either random or driven by where an Imperialist ship "makes contact" with an island. Outpost will always be established on coasts or the next usable terrain space that isn't cliffs or unpassable. *Outposts will produce more Imperialist Crew at random levels until completely destroyed (like wild animal spawns); Imperialist outposts will gradually increase in level and will change in appearance. Capped limit of Imperialist outposts per island, relative to base level. Size/strength defensibility caps out at “x” level; Destruction of Imperialist bases produces material/loot. Loot can only be received when base is totally destroyed. *prevents farming exploit; Imperialist crew specializations: - Crew: Cloth armor, armed with sabre, bows or pistols. Made up of mostly Imperial citizens who either volunteered or were gang pressed into service. Quick to follow orders but quicker to turn coats when not kept in check by Imperial elites. Crews Imperial ships *can be hired after defeating a ship. - Musketeer: Cloth Armor, armed with blunderbuss. Rank and file soldier for land occupation. - Marine: Hide Armor, armed with carbine. Elite soldier of the Imperials. Posted on ships and to land for protection of Imperial assets. - Crusader: Plate Armor, armed with heavy weapons. An Imperial fanatic driven by a tragic backstory who has dedicated their lives to the utter destruction of pirates; an endeavor they pursue with religious fervor. Imperialist crew will capture player tames set to passive. *Allows for recapturing of tames once outpost is destroyed; Imperialist crew do not attack wild animals unless attacked. Wild aggressive animals will attack Imperialists (tigers etc..); Imperialist crew will roam. Imperialists set to Aggressive – High attack range; Imperials form and act like a “pack (wolf)” When an imperialists finds a structure it will “call” for help from the outpost. Imperialist “Alpha” Character: Governor – Mini boss present at each outpost that levels in conjunction with outpost level and heals with every player kill. *Governor does not leave the outpost. Imperialist crew ignore shipyards. (Prevents destruction of player ships in construction. Structures built on shipyards will be attacked i.e. work bench/storage box); Imperialists at Sea Boss Event - Imperial Fleets: On a recurring cycle Imperial Fleets will take to the seas to purge all pirate activity. Fleets will consist of multiple ships at varying levels and configurations. Fleet levels overall will vary, allowing potential for soloing a "lvl 1" fleet. Defeating Fleets will add to clan rankings and leaderboards and unlock accolades & titles. Imperialists can be engaged at sea, Imperialist crew is claimable only at sea. (Similar to SoD). *different model/skin required to differentiate. Imperialist ships have three interaction options: 1. Destroyed though ship vs ship combat. Enables salvaging of wreckage; 2. Claimed by boarding and defeating a ship’s crew and captain *Ship’s captain is a mini boss (similar to treasure hunting boss). Allows player to keep the ship in the condition it is rendered by combat. Claiming ships produces greater loot rewards than destroying and salvaging or capturing. *Makes use of Pirate skill “what’s yours is mine”. 3. Captured and scuttled (produces "ships flag item", by defeating the crew and Captain. *Claiming or sinking a ship prevents “capturing of the ships flag" (used for daily missions). *Makes use of Pirate skill “what’s yours is mine”. Imperialist ship and crew levels are random and have proportionate stats; Imperialists ignore moored ships unless attacked. Imperialist ships will prioritize disabling vs destruction. Imperialist will capture a player ship when all crew and player is killed. *player can die and respawn on the ship to continue the defense. Imperialist’s ships are drawn to and contest sea area claims. Sea claims could increase the likelihood that an Imperialist finds its way to an island; Imperialist ship path based on wind direction and agro; Imperialist Hunting is added as daily mission or free play task: Mission: Destroy “x” Imperialists; Mission Capture and turn in Imperialist ship Flags at free port. Depending on mission difficulty, can provides unique rewards / rare materials as a reward. Mission reward suggestions: Unlocks new ship hull types for construction; Free Play task. Turn in “x” flags to unlock custom skins for: ships, ship parts and flags; Free Play Task: Destroy “x” Imperialist outposts to unlock building part skins. Pros: Enables diverse ship vs ship combat. *Gives the player a choice. Disabling vs destruction (use of ammo types); Enables PvE land combat gameplay, (other than vs wild animals). Imperialists will “clean up” unused / inactive structures and claims and challenge active claims. Encourages active player engagement in claim management and concentration of effort. Companies who hold large claim areas require proportionate effort to hold them. New players will have a chance to claim territory that has been purged by Imperialists. SoD role remains unchanged (sea based aggressors); Enables PvE use of existing in game defense equipment; Promotes use of Player tames/crew for defense purposes. Players will need to strategize and consider how to actively protect their bases and tames when offline, and, ships while sailing. Cons: Solo new players, while having a greater chance to establish themselves will be susceptible to Imperialist attacks. Requires strategic thinking for base placement. (Life is more than a box). Large structure counts increase likelihood of Imperialist attack; No PvE Offline Raid Protection
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