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  1. Farms are still invisible in the SP? Good work.
  2. Loomorh

    Patch V519.5

    can the glider be returned back to its original state on my server by the config? and when will the invisibility of new structures be fixed in the singleplayer?
  3. Found out that I can summon SoD. So, thay exist. This is pretty game breaking. I don’t know what to roll back from save back-up and how far.
  4. After defeating the first kraken in sp/coop game SoD stop to spawn completely(((
  5. Strongly disagree, the mechanics that are described work fine in EVE. If there is no more claiming mechanics or its replacement on the PVE servers, I think to move to PVP.
  6. My ideal PVE server - a larger radius for the flags. 3 flags per person and less per corporation, i.e. let's say a corporation of two - 4 flags, 3 + number of people is good. + unkeep cost for each flag, put resources in the flag, otherwise it falls in a day.
  7. I dont realy see why no to left claim flags be on pve servers. all what is needed is to add upkeep cost for them.
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