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  1. during the live stream, they said the submarine will only be buildable if you defeat the Kraken. that does not mean you can't use the sub you just can't build them till you defeated the Kraken. the sub just offers a greater degree of freedom. you should still be able to visit the depths with a dive platform unless the institute a depth limitation to the dive platform your still limited to the area you can traverse because of the platform hose unless you have someone on the ship above, moving it to change your area of access. the sub will basically work as a diving bell allowing you to replenish your breath when free diving outside the sub. the sub holds 4 people so they can swap out when mining the ocean depths or taming crabs. i expect when you die you'll respawn on the boat with the dive platform n one side and the dingy hanger on the other. the dingy hanger transports the sub distances. after launching you use the dive platform to get down to the working depths where the sub is to replenish your breath you'll mine resources and the platform diver will carry resources back to the ship above. they said the sub uses fuel. I expect it to be oil like the dive platforms. movement up and down is cheap but lateral distances take more fuel. you'll have patrol boats above to keep any ship of the damned away from the diving mother ship. tamed crabs should also be able to carry subs like saddles where only the main sub driver controls the crab. also crabe will have cargo saddles to carry ballistas etc. people will probably be building underwater bases where subs can be docked and stored between uses. for long term to permanent underwater operations. I saw some round doorways on some of the underwater buildings in the video i expect to be sub docking hatches. i am hoping for an aqua-lung or scuba suits like DaVinci invented for extended underwater operations. the sub had what looked like a ballista spearpoint in the front but the devs said the sub would be unarmed. maybe barista's can be added later.
  2. I have a level 53 crafter that's 100 years old. do to being disabled in the real world I dont do combat and am not speced for fighting high end mobs. i have tried doing power stone and fountain runs in D12 and M12. I cant get to the cave in D12. and cant get passed the first tunnel in the cave without dying repeatedly to the Level 150 mobs inside. I have reached my level cap and cant progress without help and the others in the company i just quit would not help me. i am starting over from scratch with nothing but a ramshackle sloop and my skills. Discord Roy#9432
  3. i have had the opposite luck. i am sailing a sloop i just 3 days building by hand and cant sal anywhere wihout running through a gauntlet of SoD's. 9 spawwn in front of me one after another as i outrun them and then wwhen i crossthe zone border its directly into the Side o a SOD with 2 more close bye and a storm instantly crops up so i cant flee.
  4. it seems the SOD's are specifically targeted on Custom Ships that either have a lot of items on board or are customized to appear beyond the default, IE how many pieces are used in the design of the ship. every time i have a lot of tems on board or are carrying cargo beyond 50% of the ships carrying capacity i am forced to run a gauntlet of SOD's up to 9 different ships continuously spawning one after the other. or i cross through a server wall to find myself sailing directly into the side of a ship in the middle of a hurricane where its impossible to run or maneuver away. having the bad weather is bad enough but having 9 tornadoes all trying to sink me and the weather system following me across the map with 3 SOD's all shooting at me. the SOD's follow me across the server line and when crossing at a border having all 4 servers throwing up storms and SOD's on me at the same time. there needs to be some way for a single player in a sloop to travel the map without losing his ship and everything on board 70% of the time he sets sail. i spend 3 days building a soow and equipping it to loos it the first time o cross a server line. or running a continuous gauntlet of ships that makes it impossible to get near land. how am i supposed to explore if i cant travel. The game need to make it so SOD's dont spawn new close to a server wall or within a minute of a border crossing unless its dragged there bye another player already in that zone. storm at sea need a cycle up time when crossing a server rather than instantly spawning on server crossing or give some kind of indicator that a storm is on the other side of the server wall. ssomething like the red wall if the server is full but make it a dark grey. and show SOD's across server boundries as a glow in the haze so players know when its semi safe to cross. i have fallen overboard during a storm while others on the ship sail away and seen the storm chasing the ship. storms should be an area event no a MOB that chases the ships so its possible to sail through a storm not have it chase you across the server.
  5. I am seeking a new company to join on NA PVE server. i'm looking for a socialy active English speaking group both through voice coms and interactions in the Game. I am a Craftsman and grinder looking for a group to build stuff with and to go exploring hunting whales, kracken and new Lands.   Discord Roy#9432

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