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  1. Your ideas make too much sense! If I were you, I'd be recruiting developers to make your own pirate game. You have the vision for it!
  2. I like your suggestions! I am 100% sold on the idea of having the flags for islands be in fixed positions. Then you don't have to worry about companies placing them ontop of impossible pillar bases.
  3. Keeping ships at freeport is fine, in my opinion. What needs to be changed is the ability to overload ships while green-anchored.
  4. There were some good changes for season 3, but it feels like there will need to be many more changes to keep an engaged player base. The following are suggestions that I have been thinking about for quite sometime. Grids Size The size of each grid should be reduced by 30% This reduces ship travel time and encourages "close quarters" for combat This reduces time spent looking for SOTD Islands Island should be reconfigured to one per grid on claimable island This eliminates the ability to glide from one island to the next Encourages more ship combat Improved server performance on grid All pillar islands should be re-designed by either eliminating the pillar, or providing a direct path(s) up to the top Boss Grids Eliminate all building from the entire grid This prevents exploiting for smaller islands/icebergs Freeports Freeports should be evenly distributed across the map Provide a "fast travel" ability for ships at the center of each freeport grid Charge a fee for using fast travel Fast travel has a 12 hour cool-down Fast travel only permitted between freeports Ground Combat Grapples Grapple physics do not perform as expected when trying to grapple from water onto a moving ship Grappling a player should inflict damage upon grappling and tick minor damage and they are pulled Carbines Carbines that get headshots should ignore any buffs and inflict a lot of damage Alcohol buff Reduce buff by 50% Ships Sails Eliminate all current sails in the game Have players build the masts and equip the mast with a sail The sail should take damage over time, (esp. during storms) and there should be different types This allows the player to reconfigure the ship on the fly and adds a new element to ship combat Oars Provide the ability to create viking-type ships where you can put NPCs into oar seats to move the boat NPCs consumption of food will be much greater Anchoring Ships should continue to sink if they are overloaded, even if green-anchored This prevents a player/company from housing an entire base of materials on a raft in freeport Ship Types More ships! Where is the black pearl?! Companies Company size reduced to 50 to reduce the "mega" mentality of the game If a player leaves or is removed from a company, there is a 12 hour cool-down until they can rejoin
  5. I am building a new base and I want to keep it organized. I am trying to place Wood Canvas on each Large Storage Box. For each Large Storage Box, I want to have a label on it. For example Plate Shirt. However, I do not know where I can find a image of the Plate Shirt to import in. Is there a Mod or collection of item images somewhere in the game files that I have not found? Any help would be appreciated!
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