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  1. I was thinking that the Able Mapmaker Skill should be replaced with a cataloger skill. Level 1 (1) - A record of everywhere your ship has been, similar to Able Mapmaker. Level 2 (2) - A list of all animals you have killed or tamed on an island when you mouse over it. Level 3 (8) - A list of all resources you have harvested on an island when you mouse over it.
  2. Echo Screamer

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    I'm pretty happy to hear about this I.W.C.R.S. Like 11 out of 10 happy!
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    Really liking the changes to the islands so far.
  4. Echo Screamer

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    This reply is pretty funny to me. Every single thing you wrote is your opinion not fact. Your feelings are NOT facts. I doubt you are the type of person who will ever see that though. You have lost my interest, I am done replying to your idiotic argument.
  5. Echo Screamer

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I'm sorry man, but I don't agree with you on any of this. The player makes the choice to buy into early access at a discount. It's their choice to buy into an unfinished product. There is nothing morally binding about on how it develops at all. Dev's want their games to succeed and they take the path they think will get them there. People choose this when they buy into early access. The problem is that people feel entitled. I'm personally not a fan of early access but people really got to stop thinking they are owed a game tailored to their own personal tastes just because they chose to buy it before release. Buy into the vision and offer constructive feedback along the way. That is the most effective way to make positive changes. So with that being said, I'm really excited about the colonies option and that is where I'll be spending my time but I am happy they are offering the Empires mode so people like you can enjoy the game as well.
  6. Echo Screamer

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    Well I for one am happy you guys are trying the two different forms of PVP. It's like people forget that this is early access. It blows my mind the amount of people complaining here. It's a fun game, it's getting better. Some people need to accept its a work in progress.
  7. If you screw up the rifle mini loading game just drew your one handed weapon and it will cancel the load. You don't lose ammo.