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    If you dont see arguments… ok... you will see. But, this mode will do more unplayable to PVE, on a few weeks on the future than old system. This system dont promote the coop-play, only Filibustering. System can work on a PVP system (but it still need more tools to promote coop-play style). On PVE, this dont work. at least just that this is. Just as it is now, only Works with one island por people o guild, but will be painful for more people.
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    The new claim system is an absurd and stupid mistake. Okay, somebody "Buy" the island, all right, but the power to destroy everything of others that are put to inhabit the island and to be able to keep everything that those people have collected, knowing that besides it will not have the possible punishment to face when losing the island by not Having enough people, it's just going to damage the game. I Understand that there is a system, so that said "owner " can request to move something, or even, that there is a communication system. Even that there would be a system of "homage " or of elections (see the Star Wars galaxies with the player-cities). But as the new system is made, this game has no future. Because there is no room for beyond the first to claim the islands.. And the population is sufficiently huge, as to that or put 40,000 islands or this leads to leave the game, especially once it is finished.
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    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    EU PVE 20:14 (GTM+2) M12 still active.