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  1. Hey folks, Currently investigating the bug where structure pieces (typically ceilings) will seemingly randomly demolish as if they had no structural support. If any of you are experiencing this on the Official Network, the following info would be helpful: Network: Any screenshots or video demonstrating the bug: Repro steps if available/applicable: CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): Cheers
  2. Jatheish

    Stolen animals and crew

    We've had some info sent in and will investigate how/why/fix why this has occurred. In regards to being able to kick players off your boat, we'll be allowing folks to eject everyone from their boat via the boat's pinwheel in an upcoming update.
  3. Jatheish

    Fire elemental mechanic?

    Getting the Fire Elemental wet (luring it into water) will allow you to do significantly more damage to it, we're still going to be making some adjustments to the balance of the creature in upcoming patches.
  4. Jatheish

    Limit the number of grenades in your inventory!

    Grenades had some changes to them applied recently. We reduced their damage specifically against players, NPC Crew, and creatures. We also increased their weight. We're open to doing more changes, but we're waiting to see how these current ones play out. Definitely not going to be introducing a 5 minute equip timer on anything, though!
  5. Jatheish

    20 pages and still going strong....

    We've ramped up our spam protection a lot over the past few hours, so let's see if this holds. Sorry that keeps coming up, I know it's a pain we'll have it sorted out soon.
  6. Jatheish

    pistol dual wield

    Now that may not be fully set up, we'll take a look!
  7. Jatheish

    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    This is an awesome tool, great work guys
  8. Jatheish

    Ship crew

    You should see an icon above their head to know that they're in range of a Food Larder.
  9. Jatheish

    What is network range?

    This change reduces the distance at which player characters are replicated on boats. We brought the number down so it matches the values on land, out in the sea, and in the air (gliding). It will by proxy improve server and client performance, as it's quite a taxing thing. It also allowed us to tweak up NPC replication values, which again should result in both client and server performance gains, and it's opened the door for some other things that we're looking into.. which will also result in a gain if things work out Server and client performance will always continue to be something we put some time and attention into.
  10. Jatheish

    pistol dual wield

    I just tried it in game myself, it's definitely working for me. Have both pistols equipped on your hotbar, take 1 of them out, and then to switch them, hold the [TAB] key and press the number corresponding to the pistol.
  11. Jatheish

    Suffocating The Growth of Atlas

    It's something we'll always be working to improve, and there will be a steady drop of changes coming throughout the Early Access period as you can never say 'enough' when it comes to both client and server performance. We made some networking changes last night, which were more tweaks to replication values that should result in increased server performance, especially in cases of large ship battles. It'll also open more ways in which we can save perf -- which is currently being investigated -- so hopefully, we can take it further in the coming weeks. As for switching engine, there aren't any plans to do anything like that
  12. Jatheish

    Come on guys

    I'm shutting down this thread. As always, genuine feedback and criticism of the game are always appreciated, but let's try and keep the nonsense to a minimum. Rest assured folks, despite Realists' comments, you have no obligation and this isn't your job. It's a game that is currently in development, in which you can share your feedback if you so choose to. We appreciate everyone's comments, whether they're bug reports, suggestions, positive posts, or showing us where we can do better. If you're going to have these sort of discussions on the board, consider ways to phrase them so that they're not so insulting or instigating. Provide suggestions to how you think better feedback could be made, rather than berating people that aren't doing things in the way you would like them to.
  13. Jatheish

    Named High Lv Ships of the Damned..

    I think it would be a fun addition, presumably, they're different/special, perhaps quest-kills or with unique rewards.
  14. Jatheish

    Needs foundation support

    On our radar, appreciate the reports folks.
  15. Jatheish

    Grill 300/300 water

    This is on our radar, thanks for the report.
  16. Jatheish

    [BUG] Harvest Skill

    Thanks for the report, we'll look into it.
  17. Jatheish

    [Bug] Harvest Boost feat is 10x instead of 2x

    Appreciate the report, will investigate. It should just double the amount you receive from harvesting.
  18. Jatheish

    Mortar Double Shot Bug

    We fixed the issue previously, at times now you may see a 'double shot' but it'll just be a visual issue on the client, only one mortar will actually do damage.
  19. Jatheish

    Tortugar Spawn Rate

    It's set to a low amount by design, we may be open to changing it in future but not a bug.
  20. Jatheish

    Fatal error! VERSION: 206.1 & Ver 207

    The soil crash should be fixed as of version 207.3 -- so it'll be good to know if you keep experiencing that one. @Shaylee25 is that Physx3 one you see frequently/can get reliably? If so, would you mind giving me some more details about what happened prior to the crash?
  21. Thanks, we'll look into this.
  22. Jatheish

    Pathfinder Wiped During game play?

    I imagine you experienced something similar to these guys: To help us identify what's happening, did you try to respawn to same server or different server?
  23. Thanks for the specific write up, known report we've got to tackle at the moment.
  24. Jatheish

    Cant Launch From Steam Store

    Hey @Dainter Try giving this a go: Right click ATLAS in your Steam Library Select properties and then the tab 'LOCAL FILES' after that, you'll see a button called 'Verify integrity of game files' and let me know if that works out for you!
  25. Just to note, we discuss a lot of things, but yes this is something we have discussed internally a few times. No promises though.