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  1. Hey folks,

    We're currently investigating reports of players not being able to log onto specific bases as it causes the game to crash (application to shut down). If you are experiencing this on an Official Server, please fill out the information below. Specifically, having the location is most important as it enables us to carry out some data collection and analysis to identify why this is happening and how we can improve it going forward. 

    What type of Xbox are you using? (Is it a regular, S, or One X?)

    What network are you experiencing this on?

    Which grid?

    Which island?

    Do you have the CCC? This isn't something you're able to get on Xbox, however, if you have PC players in your company, they can help out: 


    Thank you very much!

  2. We've got a fix in the pipeline for maps, it's currently going through cert at the moment, unfortunately, it's not something we can fully put through its paces until it's in the live environment, so we'll have to see for sure whether this will resolve all cases.

  3. @BugeyedflyOkay that sounds like a different issue to the Comcast one. I will reach out to our hosts to see if there are any additional diagnostics we can run to identify why that might be the case. I assume your Xbox has its NAT set to open?

    Additional info re: Comcast, they say that the issue should be resolved on their end and if there's still any trouble, you can contact them directly. I reached out to them via twitter https://twitter.com/comcastcares but I am sure there are other avenues to explore too. 

    1 hour ago, BlunterNote571 said:

    I cannot join official or unofficial. It's always the same... unable to retrieve address, dashboard, or just kicks me back to server listings. 

    I played Ark for over a year with private and official servers no probelm. This isn't Internet or console related unless something in the game code is drastically different from Ark to make this happen. 

    There are some significant differences despite the similarities in mechanics and visuals. Are you able to see non-dedicated servers and join those? 

    On 10/21/2019 at 12:42 PM, BlunterNote571 said:

    Can see all servers...unable to join any of them (could join Freeport Servers when I downloaded trial, but can't join any server since purchase of full game  yesterday).

    XboX1 X

    4G LTE Dedicated Hotspot AT&T wireless

     KY, USA

    "Could not retrieve address" error 99% of the time. Occasionally it just times out or crashes game to dashboard.


    Out of curiosity, are you able to join Non Official Servers? Say an unofficial Nitrado?

    23 hours ago, Mike071689 said:

    I am having the same issue. I am unable to see the servers. I am renting a server from Nitrado and I can not see any non dedicated servers let alone the official servers. When I try it says no servers found. If I exit to main menu and try to go back into server list it is un-selectable. I have to restart game to get back in. Any news yet at all ?

    Playing on :Xbox One X

    Hardwired highspeed internet through broadband provider

    Location: Bend,Oregon 

    Cant access official or non dedicated servers or paid Nitrado servers

    could I know who your ISP provider is?

    On 10/17/2019 at 11:39 PM, StalkingWolf said:

    Ok, here are the details. If you have the issue, the news feed doesn’t come up.  Have reduced the “threat” down to 5 different strings. @Jatheish here is the info you need to fix it. I have it in picture format. I’m not typing this out. If you need a higher quality image, I can email it to you. The three picture size is 16 meg total. Your site doesn’t support that size. 

    Let me know if you need more details. 




    Thank you very much for the additional information! I have followed up with Comcast and I believe this is a change that they'll have to make, but I am not sure when that'll be. I will ping them again.

  6. I'm in communication with Comcast right now to see if we can get them to lift it, as this appears to be on their end. Would you guys be able to share with me a screengrab of your XFI Advanced Security logs that show the servers being blocked? 

  7. Hey guys,

    Currently looking into reports about players either not being able to join or see Official Servers on the Xbox. Please note that this is different to a single server being offline, or the fact that Blackwood servers are not displaying in the Unofficial Filter (we have fixed this internally and will be patching it asap). I am specifically talking about those who have never been able to join our Official Servers (it always times them out), or those who do not even see the servers list in the client. If you could fill in the information below, it'll help us get to the bottom of the issue. 

    Please specify your problem:

    - I cannot see Official Servers

    - I can see Official Servers but I am unable to join them

    Are you able to see other types of servers? 

    - Unofficial

    - Non-Dedicated

    - Both

    Are you able to connect to Unofficial Servers?

     - Yes

    - No

    What Xbox are you playing on?

    - Xbox One

    - Xbox One S

    - Xbox One X

    - If more than one, please specify.

    Where are you located?

    Please include the country and the city/state

    How do you get your internet? 

    Please specify whether it's provided via an internet company or mobile phone/cellular company (name them) and whether you're hardwired (ethernet) or on wifi.

    Are you on Comcast, if so have you tried to disable the XFi Advanced Security Features? (More info)

    - Yes, that fixed it

    - Yes that did nothing


  8. I'm going to lock down this thread as this specific issue was resolved by our latest client-side patch, however, if you are still experiencing similar problems please create a new thread and we'll investigate (and escalate to a mega-thread if more info is warranted). 

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  9. 13 hours ago, Marian Manson said:

    Why I don't get experience points at the beginning  SP game ?

    It's actually a bug with Freeports atm, we do have a fix submitted to certification (and we'll be releasing it today for PC, as it's clientside only). Have just posted this thread in the bug section: 

    I know this ruins the new player experience in these game modes atm so hopefully these workarounds can help you manage until we get the fix through certification! 

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  10. Hey guys,

    There is currently a bug that makes it so players aren't able to gain experience points in Freeports on Single Player and Non-Dedicated. The good news is that we've fixed this internally, a patch will be going out for PC tonight and we've got a fix with Microsoft (including a bunch of other stuff), so hopefully, that can go out as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, there are some possible workarounds that could be explored via cheats or changing your server settings.

    Workaround 1:

    Before starting a single-player or non-dedicated session, you can change the game settings to increase certain things such as the rates. This will make it so you can harvest and gather the items much more quickly without tools in order to acquire a ship and sail off the Freeport grid.

    Workaround 2: 

    You can use cheats! First of all, to unlock the cheat bar, do the following:

    Go to the pause menu and simultaneously press LB+RB+X+Y to pull up the admin bar.

    Now that you've got this bar open, you can either teleport to a new location:

    cheat TP M6 -198788 -196971 125


    You can spawn in a bunch of items to get you started:

    cheat gfi weaponstonepick 1 0 0

    cheat gfi weaponstonehatchet 1 0 0

    cheat gfi clothh 1 0 0

    cheat gfi cloths 1 0 0

    cheat gfi clothp 1 0 0

    cheat gfi clothgl 1 0 0

    cheat gfi clothb 1 0 0

    cheat gfi campfire 1 0 0

    cheat gfi waterskincraftable 1 0 0

    cheat gfi yarkspear 1 0 0

    These are the basic items you can spawn in to help you get off the Freeport and then after that, you can continue as normal 🙂

  11. On 10/9/2019 at 10:33 PM, X its Ghoul X said:

    I’m having a some what similar one when I go to host a host non dedicated it crashes my game instantly lowkey might refund 

    This crash sounds likely related to the party issue which was identified last night, additional info:


    On 10/9/2019 at 6:36 AM, SearScrollFTW said:

    On the Main Menu where it says “Press (A) to continue”

    When i press “A” it does absolutely nothing.

    As for this, do you have multiple controllers plugged into/selected on the Xbox? We've had similar reports and the outcome has been to try the other controllers out.

  12. We have 1 major fix for stalls/perf coming in this upcoming client patch, and the patch following that one will fix another major one (the most common people experience). There are some temp workarounds that can be explored right now:

    Servers from Nitrado will be available after this first client patch goes out --> it's currently in cert 🙂