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  1. Jatheish

    Islands do not match map

    Aye, we'll be doing a pass on them to clean it up
  2. Haha, thanks for the tip. News to me Could you elaborate? Would they be able to take a video of what happens when they try to access the structure? I assume they have the permissions to do so? (inventory rank, etc)
  3. Jatheish

    Blackwood Sextant minimap bug

    Thanks, will check it out
  4. Jatheish

    Blackwood Minimap

    Thanks, we'll check it out
  5. We have had a few reports of this and are currently investigating to see what precisely is happening, whether it's due to the decay or something else.
  6. Jatheish

    Blackwood Minimap

    Could you elaborate? Appears to function for me.
  7. There are plans for Blackwood to support the missing quests in a future update
  8. Honestly, it depends on how much administration work you want to do. The admin commands could make this a quick and easy process (moving all the structures/ships/creatures back to their original owners) within minutes or hours depending on how many different people play the game. If it's just a small group, it may be worth just running the commands. If you've not done too much, you may find it easier to restart Mmm.. you could try using: cheat GiveAllDiscoZones but I am not sure if it'll work on that map.
  9. Jatheish

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    FYI Folks, update on the post above: We have managed to make already existing savefiles load with this change, however, you will be forced to create a new character and make a new company. Force-joining into the old company will not work. However, you can then reclaim all your structures, ships, and creatures again with the use of admin commands such as: - cheat takeallstructure This will transfer all the structures, boats, and claimflags of the previous company, to your own. - cheat takealldino This will transfer all the creatures of the previous company, to your own. - cheat giveallstructure This will transfer the structure you’re looking at, as well as anything snapped to it, to you. - cheat givetome This will transfer the individual object you’re looking at, to you (works with creatures too).
  10. Just posted another update to the save file. Technically you could still go with your existing savefile, but it may require some admin intervention if you would like things to function how they did. We've updated the OP to reflect this.
  11. Jatheish

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    We've done Q&A threads in the past, pinned topic where we've taken questions from and answered live on stream and it's likely we'll do the same going forward -- we'll post an announcement when the details are available.
  12. Jatheish

    Q&A Community vs. Devs

    Not sure how feasible it would be for to fairly select two individuals per grid but do plan on having more Q&As in the future, particularly timed around our live streams (for which we'll be announcing the next one soonish).
  13. Jatheish

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    We do have a fix for this coming up now for dedicated servers. Unfortunately, it'll require a critical change to the save system which means in order for it to work, previous save files will no longer function. Little bit more info is available here: Sorry for any inconvenience and loss suffered folks , the update will be deployed later today. It will not impact Single Player or Non Dedicated servers.
  14. Jatheish

    Backup Recovery (Local)

    In theory, you could always create manual backups of your save folder. They can be found here, depending on the map you're using: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\BlackwoodSavedAtlasLocal or SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedAtlasLocal
  15. Jatheish

    save your ship to blueprint ?

    It's not something that's in the game now, but it has been something we have discussed and considered for the future. No confirmation that it's coming, but it's certainly on the table to be considered.
  16. Hm, it could be possible that this is the case, we'll need to investigate. Will look into it. As for the decay timers, they are set up to work like so: PvE - 14 days (Golden Age: 1 Day, Freeports: 3 days) PvP - 30 days (Golden Age: 1 Day, Freeports: 3 days) and then to keep the timer active, you have to physically stand on the boats.
  17. Jatheish


    These are things we had actually spoken about today, at least in regards to additional QoL, taking a look at what mods are doing, and decay timers. I can't say any of it will change in the immediate future but we are certainly looking into these areas. As for 'to come' in the next Mega Update, so far it'll be what we've revealed thus far in Capts Logs, we can update the notes to include those. Beyond that, we'll be sharing details soon-ish and may even have a roadmap of sorts (no promises )
  18. Jatheish

    Blackwood Map, NO FISH!

    Thanks for the report folks, known issue we're investigating
  19. Jatheish

    Can Not Plant Seeds For Crops

    We'll investigate
  20. Jatheish

    Company Kicks me out every time I relog Blackwood

    That is pretty strange. I'm glad you guys were able to resolve it with commands. What game mode were you playing? Do you remember what happened when you first experienced the issue?
  21. Jatheish


    That is some unfortunate RNG. The chance for a creature to be an alpha is pretty low so you've been unlucky in this scenario. No one is watching you but I'm glad there are a helpful group here to give you a hand
  22. Jatheish


    I think it's fair to say a lot of players had already departed before any time, thought, or effort was put into those alternative game modes. As for Blackwood, it's development did start much earlier but was primarily handled by one developer up until the last two weeks to get it out the door and deal with the technical issues. Obviously the openworld game has its issues, we don't shy from that, but it's clear the direction the team had taken with our updates weren't really impactful in turning the ship around. You could argue that taking a break from it allows us to give it a fresh perspective and tackle different things in order to get ATLAS to where it needs to be. As for not caring, you're highly mistaken. This isn't just a job for a lot of the people here, it's a passion and everyone wants to see the project succeed. There's still a lot more work to do and will be continuing to do it over the months ahead. Whether people choose to return or stick around, that's up to them but the team will always put it's best efforts forward in that regards.
  23. Jatheish

    Kraken 1.0 kraken 2.0

    Sure, seems likely. The question has come up again though and I just wanted to reiterate . There isn't a public timeline for the fix, just that it's something we've to do.
  24. Jatheish

    Changes to Ship Combat for more Piracy

    This is something we are planning to do, having that bigger focus on piracy. Thank you for the write-up, I'll have a read through and share with the team to check out.
  25. Jatheish

    Atlas "Nations" System

    Thanks for the write up, will definitely have a read and share with the team